If Trump confuses you, help is on the way. Here it is. Relax. Donald Trump is an actor and what you are witnessing is a performance. It is real. It has consequences. Just as all his previous actions were real and had consequences.

The difference is that he never expected to be where he is now. Every day he has to prepare himself to be "Donald Trump faux President." It is not us who see Trump as false. Trump knows he is no president.

Fake at work

But, dammit, Trump is president so whoever the god he does not believe in may be, there is some fate at work.

What the president is doing is acting as best he can to be the entertainer he always has tried to be. He is playing the part of a venal villain, a smiling grifter. In other words, he takes responsibility for keeping the Trump story alive.

So what do we do?

Because the consequence of his victory is the actual truth of his incursion and its inappropriateness, we try every trick in the book to send him away. We want him back in his unreal world where he can do less harm than he can in his unseemly present role.

Or else we are in the Trump chorus where we are to voice approval whatever he does.

Today Trump is beginning a new episode. The kill Mueller sessions.

Everything Trump does as president is understandable if we see that he is an actor in a role he got by accident and for which his skills did not prepare him.

This is why he literally does not understand what is in his health bill. It is also why when this is pointed out he doubles down. He is Mr. Martingale. He will double his losing bet until the cows come home.

Doubling is part of the act.

Trump has done it forever. If you are the child of money and if banks deem you too big to fail, you can get away with it.

The drama Trump is improvising, finding himself president, is how many times you can double and not get fired. It is a playboy's paradise. He can hire picturesque lawyers and thrust them onto TV. He can even try firing the Special Counsel, If he wins, he gets to be Dictator.

If he loses he gets to go home.

Did you forget?

Ths is a game where the prize is becoming the BD. Benevolent Dictator. I mean it. This is what it's about. Base? What base? USA? What USA? These are props, people. Donald is playing for keeps. The prophetic text for this article is a song written by a youthful Bob Dylan, "All Along The Watchtower." There is the line about people who think life is a joke.

But we have been through that. This is no joke. Except maybe for Trump.