The agenda-driven entertainment industry, in combination with mass media, is emasculating men. Proof of this can be seen almost everywhere -- social media websites are flooded with articles and blog posts about the alleged "War on Manhood," men have even developed their online communities to combat emasculation, and our society has, seemingly, never been more divided. What is happening?

Subtle emasculation

Subtle and not so subtle emasculation is taking place in the Western world. TV shows, sitcoms, and even cartoons are serving as propaganda vehicles, brainwashing the population to no end.

Men are being represented either as violent, brain-dead, sex-driven animals or as emasculated, geeky weaklings.

Propaganda is being shoved down our throats. That has become common knowledge, and that is what the media is for, at least to an extent. The entertainment industry is making sure to do its part and actively trying to contribute to the development of widespread men-directed anger.

Profit and propaganda - follow the money

Predictably, things are never black and white. As always, some people take advantage of societal trends and fads and try and profit from them. This is what online communities, like Reddit's /r/incels and especially /r/the red pill, are doing. Conservatives have found the perfect target demographic - vulnerable men in their early to late twenties.

Instead of offering help, they offer propaganda. Grotesque exaggerations and well-thought out spins are their main weapon.

Thousands of American men are falling for this and being indoctrinated by quasi-gurus and pick up artists. These scam artists and charlatans have gotten on the emasculation bandwagon and camouflaged false information with distorted statistics and biased research, sprinkled with a little bit of truth.

This has gelled well with the current political climate in the United States - a heavily and extremely divided country.

It is a daunting and time-consuming task to write or speak about emasculation without being considered a right wing conservative. This is, perhaps, the most valuable lesson of all - we have all been so masterfully divided that we are starting to censor ourselves and the only thing that can stunt progress more than censorship is self-censorship. Freedom Of Speech is being taken away, and that is, perhaps, the end goal.