On "The Young and the Restless" the manipulation of her husband is causing Nikki to have a medical setback. Victor set up a Benefit Concert where his wife would play the piano and raise funds and awareness for those who suffer from MS. This past week Nikki's own MS symptoms flared up and caused her problems. Fans are wondering whether she will cave under the pressure or go on with the show.

Victor Newman set it all in motion

Victor set up the benefit concert to showcase his wife's talent. He said his motive was for others with MS to see what is possible and that the disease did not limit their abilities.

At one point as Nikki was having difficulty playing the piano, she told her assistant Tessa that she was being set up to fail. She believes Victor wants her to have a relapse so that she will have to depend on him. Nikki, however, is determined to prove him wrong.

Victor seems sincere in his efforts and appears to truly want to showcase his wife's ability to play the piano in spite of the disease she struggles with. He has done so much in the past that Nikki does not trust him. Each one can be as stubborn as the other so it's difficult to determine their true motives for anything. Unfortunately for Mrs. Newman the stress of trying to one up her spouse is causing her great difficulty.

Nikki is determined to prove her husband wrong

Earlier this week Nikki's assistant found her on the floor with both her arms bent and her fists clenched. Tessa was alarmed and believed she should call Victor but Nikki said no. Instead, the doctor came and gave Mrs. Newman a steroid shot that seemed to help. Tessa told her boss that maybe she should take it easy.

Nikki is persistent that Victor wants her to fail and she is determined that the show must go on.

Nikki did not tell her husband about this latest flare up because she is determined to outmaneuver him. She is playing a dangerous game with her health and does not even realize it. Nikki Newman could be in the middle of the benefit concert and have a health crisis.

Instead of showing people that she can continue with a productive life she will be letting them see that her MS is preventing her from doing so.

On the other hand, Nikki could make it through the concert proving to herself, her spouse and those in attendance that it is indeed possible to live with MS and not succumb to it. This might bridge the gap between the Newmans and bring them back together. Spoiler alerts have not yet indicated how the concert will turn out, so viewers will just have to stay tuned and see where Victor and his wife ae headed.