Nikki Newman is becoming her husband's achilles heel. She is standing her ground and pushing back at Victor and getting results. Victor hired Lauren's son Scott to write his memoirs. Everything was falling into place when Nikki advised him not to do it. On Monday's episode of "The Young and the Restless," Victor told his wife he had taken her advice, he cancelled the book, and will not have it published. Victor's recent actions are causing Nikki to push back, and bringing out a side of his wife that he has never seen before.

Nikki claps back

Victor brought a mentally unstable Chloe back to town, a decision that ultimately led to the death of his son Adam.

When Nkki found out, she and her children Nick and Victoria read the Newman Patriarch the riot act. He was banished from his wife's bed, and forced to sleep in the guest house. He was not allowed to attend his grandson Reed's birthday party, and Nick packed up his daughter Faith, who had been living with Victor and Nikki, and sent her back home to her mother.

On Monday, Mr. Newman criticized his wife because she performed at "The Underground," by playing keyboard at the night spot. He told her that she would not do so again, and risk embarrassing the family. Nikki clapped back that it is Victor whose deeds have the potential to bring shame to the family and his beloved "Newman Enterprise." Mrs.

Newman reminded Victor of his escapades with Chloe, which included framing his son Adam for murder. She told Victor that she would go where she wanted, whenever she chose, and do what she liked. Nikki has become a formidable opponent, and the former loving wife who stood by her man is now a thorn in his side.

Victor remains in charge?

Nikki Newman is going at Victor tit for tat. She is not cutting him any slack, and will not back down. She has agreed to keep up public appearances for the sake of the family and the company. In private, however, Victor's wife says nothing will change. Nikki and her children believe they can make a point and hurt their husband/father in the process.

They are sadly mistaken, because Victor Newman always regains the upper hand.

Unknown to them, Victor has found the missing Chloe, and paid her off to stay out of town. He also had letters delivered to the two men Chloe thinks may have fathered her daughter Bella. Based on the DNA test results, some viewers believe Mr. Newman may have altered the test results. For now Nikki is feeling powerful, and can keep her spouse out of her bed and the main house. She will not, however, be able to change his crooked ways, no matter how much she pushes back.