Tessa showed up a few months ago on "The Young and the Restless." She was playing her guitar on a street corner when Nikki Newman first noticed her. Nikki hired the young lady to give guitar lessons to her grandson Reed, and later moved Tessa into her home as an assistant. Viewers suspected that Tessa might be a grifter and might be working with or for someone who wanted to scam Mrs. Newman. Now it has been revealed that the mastermind behind the charade is none other than Victor Newman himself.

The cover story and deception from Tessa

From the beginning, many viewers felt that something was off with Tessa.

She was always talking to someone unknown on the telephone. Her side of the conversation gave the impression that she might be scamming Nikki. One day Mrs. Newman just happened to see her assistant's vehicle parked in an alley. Tessa was getting a shirt out of the trunk and changed clothing.

Nikki assumed that the young woman was living out of her car and this brought back memories of Nikki's own youthful struggles. This is when Nikki invited Tessa to move into the ranch house and be her assistant. She believed she was helping someone who was down on her luck. Tessa is now helping her boss prepare for a benefit piano concert. Victor set it up to showcase his estranged wife's piano skills. The goal is for others dealing with Multiple Sclerosis to be encouraged by Nikki's resolve, determination, and management of the illness.

The truth about Victor is revealed

Recently on "The Young and the Restless" Nikki began to doubt herself. She is concerned that her MS will keep her from completing the piano concert. She tells Tessa that she believes someone set her up to fail. Nikki is talking about Victor but is unaware that Tessa is his accomplice. Later, Tessa is in the middle of one of her secret phone conversations when viewers see that she is talking to none other than Victor.

Nikki hears Tessa say "Mr. Newman" and is outraged. She asks why Tessa called her husband, and of course, the girl lies. She insists that she was worried about Nikki and just wanted Victor to know about his wife's doubts.

Tessa did not make Nikki her mark and is not trying to steal her money. She was hired by the Newman patriarch. When Nikki finds out what her husband is up to it will widen the gap between them.

Nikki is already suspicious that Victor did not orchestrate the concert for her benefit, but to see her fail. She probably believes he is trying to get even with her for kicking him out of his house. When she finds out that everything regarding Tessa was staged by Victor it will really be a blow. The truth about her husband's manipulation might push Nikki over the edge.

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