Not long ago Hillary Clinton said that President Trump had unleashed dangerous levels of hate and Vitriol in the nation. The definition of Vitriol is something that is caustic, and severe in its effects such as sulfuric acid, or extreme criticism. Soon after Kathy Griffin posed with a bloody severed head of a doll resembling Donald Trump. Next, we had the shooter at the Congressional baseball field. Now Johhny Depp has made a statement some believe indicate he is calling for the assassination of the POTUS.

Hillary Clinton has a point

Extreme supporters of Donald Trump believe Hillary Clinton is dealing with sour grapes because she lost the election but the woman has a point.

Hate crimes and intolerance have all increased since The Donald was elected as President. His hateful campaign rhetoric has changed this nation in ways no one ever could have dreamed of. And now Johhny Depp is the latest American to succumb to what many consider as The Trump Effect.

This is much deeper than being upset that the Democrats lost the election. There is something about Donald Trump that pulls extreme reactions out of Americans. We all know there were some who did not want Barrack Obama in the White House simply because he was a man of color. None of his haters, however, took to the streets or displayed extreme racism in public.There were few incidents here and there but Obama completed his 2 terms without serious incident.

From day one Donald Trump's negativity has brought out the worst in Americans.

Johhny Depp is simply the latest to be pushed to his breaking point

Barrack Obama conducted himself with grace, discretion, and decorum as did his predecessors. He did not use Twitter as a bully pulpit and neither did he go tit for tat with those who opposed him.

He went on with the business of being president. Donald Trump claps back at any and everything said in opposition to him. He makes veiled threats, calls people names and keeps himself surrounded in controversy. Trump began the atmosphere of hate and anger in the nation and some people feel they must do something to make their feelings known.

The vitriol is real.

It is against the law to threaten the life of a U.S. president. Johnny Depp's reference to the last time an actor assassinated a POTUS was wrong. Depp like Griffin and the shooter at the ballpark have all been pushed to their limits. Donald Trump unleashed the chaos upon this nation and only he can end it. Based on the president's recent actions there does not seem to be any chance he will change. This means the Vitriol will continue to flow until he is impeached or serves his 4-year term.