While most of US media remains “Stuck On Stupid” over Russia collusion charges involving Pres. Trump, despite not having a sliver of evidence, the president has implemented a foreign policy that shows he’s anything but sympathetic to Russia. While former President Barack Obama’s Syrian policy was limited to drawing verbal red lines in the hot desert air only to ignore them as Russia and Syrian Pres. Bashar al-Assad slaughtered civilian men, women and children. Obama was too busy snuggling up to Iran and dishing out billions of US tax payers’ dollars to its ayatollahs to use for terrorism.

Yes, there is a distinct difference between the two presidents when it comes to Russia, but it has little to do with collusion.

Trump foreign policy verses fake red lines

Trump’s moment of truth when it comes to Russia occurred a couple of months ago when he enjoyed chocolate cake with Chinese President Xi Jinping at Mar-a-Lago in April after ordering a US airstrike that took out the very aircraft that Assad's regime used to murder scores of civilians in the city of Idlib. Attacking an ally of Russia and Iran for using chemical weapons to kill children is hardly a collusion. Russia and Iran quickly disappeared behind Trump’s very real red line in the sand which included 59 cruise missiles up the exhausts of Syrian aircraft.

Media's Russia collusion frenzy

While the media and Democrats were in a frenzy writing anti-Trump Russia collusion statements and stories, Trump was busy calling Russia’s bluff in Syria. While one would think this would shut down media hype and collusion buzz at the DNC and among its media allies, they instead doubled down on collusion propaganda for which it can’t provide examples.

Obama's collusion

For his part, then Pres. Obama in 2013 delivered his infamous fake “red line” warning after it was clear Assad was using chemical weapons to kill his people. Instead of taking action, Obama agreed to Russia’s intervention that was supposed to eliminate the chemical weapons stockpile. Like most of his foreign policy legacy, the Russians proved Obama to be inept and gullible if not complicit.

A short time later it was discovered that Obama held backroom dealings with the ayatollahs in Iran who he in turn gifted with billions in unmarked bills delivered in unmarked planes in the dead of night. That is collusion.

Trump follows up in Syria

Fast-forward and since May US-led coalition forces have hit Syrian forces no less than three times after pro-Assad, Iranian-backed militants fired on them. In every one of those attacks, US pilots have decimated the proxies for Iran that prop up Assad’s crumpling Russian/Iranian coalition. Back in the US, media has no intention of reporting the successes of a Trump administration on any front. To the contrary, each morning will continue to bring dozens of anti-Trump stories that dominate Google News and other liberal Internet news outlets such as audience-starved Yahoo News.

The networks will mesmerize gullible Americans with anti-Trump garnishings that contain little more than bitter hyperbole and rotting red meat.

Bitterly partisan media threatens free press

It’s incumbent that Americans of all political stripes understand that everything they read in the newspaper or online is not true. When one sees story after story over the period of a year about Russia collusion involving their president that produces little more than political hot air, it’s time to question the messenger and those who wrote his/her script. Much of US media - like Democrats - are stuck in 2016 election mode, intent on changing its results to suit their political fare. It is the antithesis of a free press that points to a very real collusion between today's media and the Democratic Party.