With Pres. Trump being blamed by a politically crazed media for everything but tossing James Fields out of his car and driving it into Charlottesville protesters, it’s easy to forget just how bad things may turn out for democrats in 2018, especially when it comes to the Senate.

Political analysis aside

An analysis published Saturday by Axios suggests the problem for Democrats is the Senate map that breaks down the 25 races for seats currently held by Democrats and like-minded independents. However, nothing could be further from the truth; the problem for Democrats is that they don’t have enough people willing to vote for them where they need people to vote for them.

A political map would only help if the Democratic Party realized its been galumphing in a tight circle deep within the forest of politics for years as more and more followers realize the party is lost and defect.

Democratic Party hijacked

The real problem is that the Democratic Party has been hijacked by the left, a largely militant left who sees America, Republicans, conservatives, capitalism, free speech, and individual rights as their enemies. Whether it’s an NFL football player with the IQ of an acorn refusing to stand for the Pledge of Allegiance or wild-eyed Democratic Sen. Elizabeth Warren savaging corporate America, Democrats are not only losing elections, they’re losing issues.

Here’s a question for Ms.

Warren: Is there any private corporation, public entity or government on Earth with an $11 trillion debt outside of the budget you are responsible for? So bad is the vacuum at the top of that party that its leadership literally can’t come up with a coherent message to run on.

Democrats' Senate situation

Now that we understand what the real problem is for Democrats in 2018, here’s the situation.

According to Dave Leip's Election Atlas (U.S. Senate Chart), 25 senate seats currently held by Democrats and like-minded independents must be defended next year. In stark terms, it means that more than half of the entire Democratic caucus -- including 10 seats in states that Trump won in 2016 -- are up for grabs. But that’s not the worst of it.

The Republican Party will only have to defend eight, and only one in a state that voted for Hillary Clinton.

Put simply, the odds of Republicans gaining a supermajority are better than the odds of the Democratic Party taking control of the Senate. Even more frightening for Democrats is the fact that thirty states went for Trump in 2016 and the GOP would only need a net two-seat gain for a supermajority. Adding to DNC concerns, the governor of West Virginia just switched parties from Democratic to Republican and Sen. Joe Manchin, the last powerful Democrat in that state, is sounding so much like a Republican that Trump is considering him to run the EPA. If Manchin moves to the White House, West Virginia is a Republican slam dunk, and if not there’s plenty of time for Manchin to follow his governor’s lead and run for re-election as a Republican.

Anyone in the country who listens to and watches news, anyone whose mind is not closed tighter than a Wells Fargo vault, is keenly aware by now that network and cable television news outlets -- not to mention most large newspapers -- are out to destroy Donald Trump at all costs. None have, although the polls they create and manage suggest their plan is working.

But remember, the worst mistake made by Democrats in 2016 was to believe those same polls.