To hear activists within the Democratic Party boast about the unconditional devotion African-Americans have and should have for their party, one has to wonder how they get away with ignoring history. Historically, and today, the party has been and continues to be hostile to black Americans. It keeps its foot on the throat of African-Americans while taking their collective vote for granted.

Oppression of Democratic Party

The hideous oppression of blacks by the Democratic Party goes way back. It was democrats who collectively and politically defended slavery in the 1820s.

African-Americans of that era, who were enslaved were more likely to have a democratic party master of the plantation. It was Democrats who started the Civil War and they are the political party that opposed reconstruction. Meanwhile, racial segregation was a brand that lasted into modern history. For example, congressional Republicans voted for the 1965 Civil Rights Act in much higher percentages than Democrats. Civil rights movements in the 50s were also countered by protests, politics and actions. The Republican Party believed the status quo for racial relations in America was evil; It was Democrats who imposed segregation, not Republicans.

Long history of oppression

While racism exists in all cultures, Republicans elected hundreds of black men to state legislatures in the South, and by 1900, 22 African-American Republicans served in the U.S.

Congress. Democrats did not elect a single black man to Congress until 1935. Had it not been for a strong Republican resistance to the Democrats' racist agenda it would have, no doubt, taken much longer.

Who resisted desegregation?

While contemporary Democratic leaders would like voters to think they changed their ways and all the racists suddenly packed up and left the party, it’s simply not true.

In many ways Democrats today are as hostile and manipulative as they've been historically. The Democratic Party not only needs, but must have a huge majority of African-Americans voting for it in order to survive a single election cycle, and that's why it substituted bipartisan ideas for cat calls of racism.

However, in the 2016 election, voter drop off was across the board, even if white Democrats led the defection.

The reason is simple: today’s Democratic Party simply has no tenable message outside of hating President Trump and those “deplorable” Republicans. It still hasn’t dawned on that party's leadership that African-Americans are as intelligent and independent as Caucasian Americans, Asian Americans and Latin Americans. All Americans want to know that their children and grandchildren will have jobs, safe schools and neighborhoods, national security, and a chance for generational improvement in life. Sound familiar? Yes, that’s the Republican mantra.

Modern history rife with Democratic Party racism

In her presentation "The Inconvenient Truth About the Democratic Party," Carol Swain of Prager University maintains that Pres.

Woodrow Wilson, himself a progressive Democrat, was an avowed racist. Wilson, a known friendly to the Ku Klux Klan, is said to have re-segregated the federal civil service bureaucracy. According to Swain, he watched the film “The Birth of a Nation” in the White House. It was the first movie shown from the White House and is filled with racism. Originally, the film was titled “The Clansman."

Who could forget Democratic Alabama Gov. George Wallace chanting "segregation now, segregation tomorrow and segregation forever" while guarding his beloved University of Alabama against the entrance of African-American students? Fast forward and the scourge of poverty grew over the past eight years that Democrats held the White House -- and for much of that period, Congress.

On November 8, Democrats found themselves on the outs with most demographics of American people. They felt they could take the black vote for granted, as usual, and so the strategy was to hang onto liberal whites by calling Republican candidates racist in a myriad of different ways and with leadership voices. Media, chocked with Democrats, echoed their message across the nation. Results: A Republican romp.

Democrats' racist theme

After years of Democrats successfully pounding the racism theme home to gain offices, the pendulum is swinging. The American people have begun to question why Democratic Party discourse continues to further taint race relations by relying heavily on hateful racial demagoguery to fuel their uninspiring campaigns. It’s a deplorable and destructive political ruse that has run its course, and it's time for Americans to stand against it.