I don't know Gavin Newsom from Adam. But he is one of my Twitter followers and that's a plus. He and Yoko are among the best known of my accumulation of nearly a decade. I doubt Gavin clicked follow to get on my list but someone did.

Certain big types on Twitter just have a few hundred people they follow, a gallery of celebrities. Millions pursue them. Hundreds retweet them. Doesn't matter what they say. But wait a minute. Gavin and Yoko follow who they like.

Who is Gavin?

Gavin is Lieutenant Governor of California and a former Mayor of San Francisco.

If he ever tangles with Trump he will become "prissy Gavin" or "limo liberal" or whatever Trump can dream up to marginalize him. But California is practically another nation. It is fighting Trump. Gavin is no fool.

How do I know? Because I read his tweets. Same as I read Tulsi Gabbard's.

Right stuff

I can tell if they have presidential chops, just as I could tell from reading Hillary's that she was wavering and unsure. Not speaking for herself. I did not think she would lose but in retrospect, I see I should have vetted her on the basis of her tweets.

The bulk of this article will run through some recent Gavin tweets that strike me as having JFK chops. They are tough and at the same time humane.

Trump as foil

Trump is a perfect GOP foil because he is a moral coward and a certified bully. They can get rid of him when they like it. He runs loose and distracts us while the GOP Congress and his Cabinet plunder away and create new definitions of cruelty.

Four diverse tweets

At the top of Gavin's selection is the requisite sports Tweet:


Can you imagine the GOP holding this up?

JFK chops mean you genuinely care about solving divisive and difficult problems and at the same time are one with the country and the people.

Then a direct dig at the GOP health fiasco

The graphic is a blank sheet of paper.

I will skip over a tweet endorsing Gavin for Governor Of California, an office he will win handily.

Here is the fourth in a series of tweets posted over a period of less than a day.

Note these were all retweets. Gavin was taking contributions of others who had messages and acting as a center to spread his own thinking.

We are in a toxic time and we are rightly thinking about how to clean up the mess the nation has been put in by the vile person whose smallness commands most media. The failure of things Trump cannot control is encouraging. His agenda should fail. But he does damage just the same. So I am on the lookout. We need a candidate with JFK chops. Tough and humane. Finding one among the Democrats is not easy.