The report published Friday by normally Democrat-friendly US News nailed it - Democrats have a race problem. What passes for mainstream media these days remains desperately obsessed with removing an elected Republican president, but the real political story, which is getting scant attention, is the increasingly uncivil civil war inside the Democratic Party.

Basically, the Democratic Party consists of three wings; politically correct mainstream media that poses Democrats as journalists and obsesses over unseating Pres. Trump; the Berniecrat wing, including self-proclaimed Native American Elizabeth Warren and Rep.

Keith Ellison (D., Minn.), a Muslim who says North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un is "more responsible" than Trump, and the old-guard establishment wing that followed Hillary Clinton to the brink of political extinction last fall.

Berniecrat wing politically daunting

Berniecrats forged ahead after the Democratic Party’s disastrous implosion last fall to carve out a rather impressive niche of socialists and Netroot-style progressives who are using their newfound DNC connections to help push the party further left. White Berniecrats like Native American Elizabeth Warren are having their own little revolution against establishment Democrats. Recently, three key Sanders backers -- National Nurses Union executive director RoseAnn DeMoro, pro-Sanders journalist Nomiki Konst and "People for Bernie" co-founder Winnie Wong – threw cold water on the idea that rising Democratic establishment star Sen.

Kamala Harris could successfully woo Berniecrat progressives.

Criticism of Kamala Harris seen as racial

The criticism went viral and Harris’s establishment supporters and others in the Democratic Party framed the dissing of Harris, who is black, in racial terms. At the same time, Berniecrats, who tend to be whiter than the overall Democratic electorate, took umbrage with establishment leaders’ implications that they were a bunch of racists.

Liberal MSNBC host Joy Reid put it like this in a tweet: "So black Democrats must go begging young white leftists who were not numerous enough to nominate their preferred pick last time?" Reid’s comment nicely sizes up a growing disunity within the party. Democrats, who are good at slicing and dicing Americans into neat little warring factions that look to their party for salvation may have brought the political strategy home to roost.

Headless Democratic Party

Meanwhile, there really isn’t a leader of the Democratic Party and even Democrats don't like the "Better Deal" message. Nine months after the shellacking the party took in 2016, Democrats have no national memorandum outside of resisting Republicans by legislatively voting against, well… just about everything. As the internal strife within the Democratic Party grows louder, mainstream-media continues to bury the trouble with Democrats under daily anti-Trump headlines, which in and of itself has created a voter backlash against media and Democrats.

Nina Turner, a so-called progressive Berniecrat and president of Our Revolution to that end, put it like this during a recent CNN panel discussion: "The Berniecrats are being labeled as always wrong -- 'they don't get it, they're too emotional, they don't want to win elections,'" she said.

"This is a hurtful environment, and people are human and do have feelings. And so both sides are just duking it out."

Democrats not focused on 2018

In the long view, party infighting will seem like child’s play when a well-funded powerful Republican Party takes its gloves off over the coming months. Whether one agrees with it or not, Republicans have a message and they have a leader. Publications like the New York Times and other mediums will continue to put out pro-Democratic propaganda to cover party divisions for a while, but the American people have already discounted media bias, we saw that last fall.

Democrats are good at dividing the country, a political strategy that seems to have turned on them.