According to Fox News, a Texas mom has been arrested for leaving her two toddlers in a hot Car. The act was not a mistake, Police say. The event happened due to the mom "teaching" the youngsters a lesson. The kids died because of the excessive heat trapped inside the car, experts say.

Cynthia Marie Randolph, the mother in question, claimed that the kids were playing in a sun room. Or, at least that is what she told investigators on the day they were found. Randolph, 24, said she was folding laundry and went to check on the children and they were gone.

She then claimed that the children were found dead in her 2010 Honda Crosstour and must have locked themselves inside it.

Hot Texas day

Police say that on May 26, the outside temperature was in the high 96 degrees. That is too hot to be outside for toddlers, much less trapped in a car. Heat does not escape from an enclosed vehicle. That is why experts warn us not to leave children or pets in a car for any length of time.

According to the Washington Post, she was found by police to be lying about the incident. The Post says that she later confessed to placing the kids in the Honda to punish them. The children, a daughter and son, aged two and 16 months were discovered by Randolph and she then carried them into the sunroom and called the police.

The story seemed odd

When I first read the story, I was wondering how such young children wandered off that far without Randolph's knowledge. Did she not hear the door open or close? Didn't she notice the sudden silence? These questions were the same ones that the investigators had when discussing the situation with Randolph.

After police put two and two together, they told the mother what they believed really happened and she then confessed.

So what would motivate a young mother to punish children in this manner? We have enough problems with believing that a parent claims they "accidentally" left their kids in a hot car. Needless to say, it is even more far fetched to say they just wandered off and opened the car door by themselves.

The door handles are too high for a toddler of that age to reach by themselves.


Always remember to keep an eye on your children. Never forget to lock the car doors every time you get out. Also, remember to lock the house doors so your youngsters can't get out by themselves. Never leave your children or pets in a closed car, especially in the summer. Heat gets trapped inside the car and it is hotter inside the car than on the outside, even in the shade.