A recent article in 'The Washington Post' is entitled: "Donald Trump lies and lies and lies again." The story was about the changing dollar amount the POTUS said he raised for veterans. Initially, Donald Trump said it was 6 million dollars, but only a little over 4 million was verified. The president eventually donated the one million he promised and the actual total raised was 5 million. This was still less than what the president announced. The United States has a POTUS who is on a self-destructive path because he continually lies to the American people.

The President's approval ratings decrease but he continues to lie

Polls continue to show that President's Trump's approval rating is dropping. Instead of working on what will benefit the American people now he is attending rallies trying to campaign for 2020. CNN showed the POTUS on TV in Iowa telling a crowd that he was winning.This just shows that our Commander-In-Chief is continuing on a self-destructive path which more than likely will end in impeachment.

Most all world leaders even dictators, at times, conduct themselves with dignity and class. While all heads of nations are human and fall short, none to date compare with President Trump. From day one, he has lied unapologetically to the American people and slandered the names of a number of individuals along the way.

The POTUS said that Barack Obama wiretapped Trump Tower and his fan base believed it and ran with it. He implied that he may have taped conversations with James Comey and now admits it was not true. These are but two of a growing number of incidents.

The President is doing damage because he will not shut his mouth

Donald Trump has badmouthed other world leaders as well as employees in the United States government.

During his campaign rally in Iowa, he said: "It's always good to get away from the swamp of Washington". Who in their right mind would so publicly disrespect the people he works with every day? Instead of holding rallies for a second term that may not happen, the president needs to focus on 2017 and the term that he has been elected to serve.

it's time for the plug to be pulled on the Donald Trump presidency. In only four months in office, he has told numerous lies and caused hate and animosity to rise across the nation. This man owns none of what he has done in 120 days. He believes he is winning and has his focus on running for office again in 2020. This is not rational thinking and something needs to be done to nip it in the bud. The self-destructive actions of the POTUS and his continuing to tell lies.will bring down the entire nation if not stopped.