Tyler Perry's "The Haves and the Have Nots' mid-season episode 2 aired Tuesday night on Own. This show as so many irons in the fire you cannot keep up properly. There are simply too many characters in crisis mode and there is no consistent flow of the series. This makes the storylines on HAHN extremely hard to follow.

Episode 2 did not take up where the season premiere left off

On the season premiere, of HAHN the hospital was filled with people and it's all unrelated. Hannah, Benny, and Mitch were there because little Quincy was hit by a bullet and killed.

When Mama Rose found out her grandson had been shot at she went on the warpath. The Malone family followed her to the hospital where she sought details from Mitch. Now the Malones are seeking revenge, on War and the mayhem is increasing.

Veronica caused Melissa to feel so bad about herself the young girl slit her wrists and was taken to the same hospital. Jeffrey is waiting with his mother for news about the mother of his unborn child. is also in the hospital. In the midst of all the drama Candace is running around town and no one has informed her that her only child is dead. Episode 2 began with an entirely different focus.

Mayhem and confusion within the many storylines

Fans looking for closure from the season premiere were sorely disappointed but should not have been surprised.

Tyer Perry writes in a way where the dots do not always connect and "The Haves and Have Nots" simply does not flow. On the second episode of the mid-season return, Katherine is waiting with Hannah and Benny when her son Wyatt is brought to the hospital. His addiction to drugs is flaring up and he needs help.

Mama Rose seeks answers from Jim regarding War who shot at Mitch.

Jim enlists David to find a way to calm Mama Rose down before there is big trouble. There is no sign of Erica who knew almost immediately that little Quincy had been shot. She looked Candace right in the face last week but did not bother to inform her that her only child is dead. In episode 2 Oscar and Candace are continuing their cat and mouse game.

He wants her to mark the presidential candidate but she does not trust him because he tricked her out of her money last season.

Veronica is getting on everyone's last nerve but she knows all the secrets on HAHN. She once told Jim that she knew where all the bodies were buried and this became literal. She knew Jeffrey stabbed Quincy to death to stop him from hurting Candace and that the two of them buried him in the backyard of the home Candace was just evicted from. Veronica watched as Katherine shot DA Jennifer Sallison in cold blood inside her own home.

In the midst, Veronica is dealing with a divorce from David and the fact that Jeffrey is gay. She cannot stand that he does not want to marry Melissa d e a father to their child.

Jeffrey is love with his best friend Wyatt and is lusting after a married police officer. Tyler Perry must believe his audience can keep up with all these characters and intertwined plots and storylines because he continues to write them into HAHN.