The ny times is having subway conniptions. It always does. It always assumes the answer to everything is to create more of the same but newer. The NY Times, like the rest of the world is mentally impaired. Getting rid of Cars is the magic bullet and has been so for at least a half a century. Without cars, you would not need a subway. You would have all those empty surfaces at ground level to move along using unimpeded devices which would be invented immediately if we got rid of cars.

No, we won't

I know. People like me are nuts. Count me in. I am in good company.

Getting rid of cars would be even better than getting rid of Trump. Trump is in office to defend the car and oil and highways and the whole notion that the world must survive by crushing Iranians, Obama and the signers of the Paris accords. Trump and Steve Bannon and Pam Geller are on the same hatred wavelength. They love cars and oil and Christians who can chant MAGA.

Deitrich Bonhoeffer

There's a name from the past, an answer to these hateful sorts. He got involved in trying to do Hitler in and was killed by the Nazis for such effrontery. He is admired by some Christians for having stood up to Adolf.

I always thought Bonhoeffer should have been nonviolent. Instead of plotting to bomb Hitler he should have walked up to him and dressed him down for being a genocidal maniac.

He would have been shot on sight but he was done for anyway.

What does this have to do with giving up cars?

The thing about Bonhoeffer and Christianity is that the religion has been hijacked by people like Trump and Franklin Graham and other car-loving, oil-worshipping souls who forget that Jesus was nonviolent.

Jesus advocated loving enemies and did not think to be rich was particularly heavenly.

Since religion is so tied up with the idolatry of oil and cars, Bonhoeffer is not irrelevant. He actually suggested we Christians should take a rest and confine ourselves to praying for and doing right by our fellow human beings. Since religion is a business, there have been few takers.

Idolatry is the root

Idolatry is what we care about most.

Trump and Geller and Bannon care abut money, power, cars, and oil. The NY Times is not far from such idolatry. We should keep our subways as they are, as wonderful relics, not as a field for profit-taking as billions are wasted making them better. We should abolish cars and begin to create a massive business around the premises in my series of Blasting New articles on cybercommunities. I am the only person I know who has actually proposed a viable way out of the mess we are in.