"The Haves and the Have Nots" mid-season finale aired on OWN on Tuesday, March 14. Creator Tyler Perry left viewers with a lot to think about until the next season begins on June 20, 2017. Some of the scenes left people shaking their heads in disbelief with unexpected surprises.

Erica, David, Candace, and War

One surprise of the night was the realization that Erica is not Candace's BFF after all. In fact, Erica is out to get Candace for something. This was revealed when Erica had a conversation with War after he walked in on her and David in bed.

War hid in the bathroom until after David left. He and Erica had a conversation where she confirmed that David is just a job. What fans might not have known is that War and Erica used to date, and her relationship is not what it appeared to be with Candace. It seems as if there is a long list of people who are out to get back at Candace for something she has done to them.

Katheryn and Jim

When Jim came out of his office at home after making a few telephone calls, he found the entire house empty. Even the drawers in the kitchen cabinets were bare. Katheryn finally told Jim that she is divorcing him and selling the house from under him. Jim seemed to be more concerned with how movers were able to clean out the house while he was right there and didn't hear a thing than he was about Katheryn divorcing him.

Melissa and Jeffrey

Jeffrey told Melissa that he is tired of sleeping in the chair and he was going to sleep in the bed. He told her not to touch him. When Melissa came out of the bathroom, she got in the bed and said her father died. Jeffrey wasn't moved by the news. What moved him is that he realized the bed was wet, and he accused Melissa of peeing in the bed.

He jumped up, pulled the covers back and saw a pool of blood. Melissa appeared to have slit her wrists. Apparently, she attempted suicide after hearing about her father's death.

War and his gang

War went to the hotel room where Benny, Mitch, Hanna and Little Q were. Because he didn't find Candace, War and his gang fired rounds into the small room.

Benny and Mitch hid behind the bed while Hanna grabbed Little Q and went into another room. After the shooters left, Benny called his mother. She came out soaked in blood, holding the boy, which left viewers believing that the boy is dead.

Next season

Tyler Perry has five more episodes in store for viewers from June 20 to July 18. Some loose ends will be tied up, but more new things also will come up. For instance, the saga between Candace and Charles, the man running for president, is just getting started. That story will more than likely be developed during the next season.