I started playing “Overwatch” last year, but I’m still struggling with the game. I have been in the Gold tier and cannot find myself a way out of it. With that said, I wanted to share some tips, especially to those who have yet to buy the game.

Overwatch" is worth buying. I would not recommend it if I didn't think it was brilliant. The game is all about team play. I have never seen a hero or player really carry a team without the help of his or her teammate. You can be the sickest Genji out there, but if you do not play well with your team, you are nothing but a useless jumping-half-robot who calls himself a ninja.

Here are some tips for playing "Overwatch."

Forget the tutorial

Most players will agree that the game’s tutorial is just a few steps away from being pointless. Sure, some might find it detrimental, but it is really not as significant as Blizzard wants it to be.

If you really want to learn the good stuff, go straight to playing a game with “Overwatch” bots. Don't start with the most difficult level. Take some time and start with the easiest one. The idea is to get a good grasp of everything about this game. You want to get to know the different characters first before going to the Real McCoy.

Know what your role is

Some players tend to go with Soldier: 76 or Hanzo because they look and feel good.

Remember: in “Overwatch,” looks and feels do not amount to a win. Your goal is to determine which department you are comfortable with. Basically, there are four of them: DPS, tank, support and defense. DPS or assault characters are the ones who provide firepower in team, but they often get killed because of their low health points.

They have either 200 or 250 HP.

Next are the tanks whose health points are as big as they look. They provide the team with the ability to absorb damage through their massive health points, shields and healing capabilities.

For the support department, they are to be deemed the most valued characters in an "Overwatch" team. They heal and/or boost allies, giving them a slight advantage over the opponent.

One of them, by the name of Mercy, is able to resurrect a fallen comrade. Because of their importance, they are often the main targets of the opposing team. So if you plan to play support, be sure to keep your distance from the enemy’s damage dealers.

Lastly, let's address the defense characters. The name speaks for itself. They are equipped with skills capable of putting a halt to an advancing team. They are also capable of locking down opponents and, more importantly, objective points in a map. The pool here composes of snipers and AoE characters such as Junkrat.

Go with the easy one

During my early days in playing “Overwatch,” I picked Hanzo.Perhaps I was caught up with the “Dragons” animated short.

I also though he was cool (he is still now). The point is to go with the easiest character in the roster such as Soldier: 76. His skill set is not really that hard to understand, and unlike Hanzo, who relies heavily on accuracy, you can pretty much get kills in the first few rounds. He works like a normal shooter character, thus the hate the community had with him in the past. He was referred to back then as a "COD" character.

Again, if you want to have a good run in “Overwatch,” go easy with your picks first. Get a good grasp of the game’s pace and try to understand how things work in the game. Once you do that, then perhaps it is time to move to the next level. Just do not pick Hanzo yet, okay?