Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough are hosts of the MSNBC television show "Morning Joe." They recently were put in the spotlight because of President Donald Trump.The co-hosts say the President lied about an encounter that took place with them at his Mar-a-largo estate in Florida.

The President uses Twitter as bully pulpit yet again

In a Twitter tirade, President Trump referred to the pair as "Low IQ crazy Mika and Psycho Joe." He went on to say that Brzezinski was bleeding because of a facelift. Once again, President Trump is using Twitter as a bully pulpit and shown himself to be very unpresidential.

Both Brzezinski and Scarborough say the president lied about their encounter. At this point, lying seems to be the norm for the leader o the free world. This is dangerous and he needs to be removed from office.

Donald Trump continues to show that he is mentally unbalanced. He says whatever comes to mind wth no thought of how it sounds to others. He clearly does not care about anyone but himself and is decreasing the status of the Uned States in the view o the watching world. This man is too dangerous to be president of this nation.

President Trump will not stop his outrageous behavior

President Trump is not going to stop being who he is. Being in the Oval Office has only magnified what was already within in.

Mika Brzezinski said the man who insulted her was not the same man she met 2 years earlier but he was. There have been many reports of the ugly things The Donald said to women over the decades. Mika and Joe simply had not previously gotten on his bad side. It's obvious being in the Oval Office has amplified the issues that this man was already dealing with.

Those who voted for Trump wanted a change and now they have it in spades. A monster has been unleashed and the most unqualified mentally unbalanced man ever is running the nation. Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski are but the latest to feel the venom from the man who neve should have been voted into office. And it will only get worse unless grounds are found to impeach Donald Trump.

His fans continue to support President Trump

Sadly there are those who continue to support the President and make excuses for his ugly behavior. What needs to happen is for Donald Trump to be held accountable for his actions. This man is increasing the level of hate, intolerance, and vitriol he is unleashing into the nation. And needs someone in a position of power to tell him it is wrong. Until Trump is properly dealt with what happened to the two MSNBC hosts will continue to happen to all who disagree with him.

Mika Brzezinski says she believes she was targeted by the President because she commented on his fake Time Magazine cover that had been hanging in 8 of his golf courses. Her punishment definitely did not fit the crime.

President Trump must experience consequences for his actions, or he will continue them. Impeachment will remove him from office and prevent that second term in 2020 he is so desperately campaigning for.