Overwatch” from Blizzard has a lot of heroes to offer, but perhaps the most popular is the mercenary named Reaper. A former member of the “Overwatch” team, this masked character is known for his deadly tactics. He is considered to be one of the heroes with the most powerful damage output.

Playing Reaper in “Overwatch” is all about aggressiveness. While he seems to be a force to be reckoned with, he can still fail if the user does not how to use him effectively. There are actually a handful of ways to utilize the character efficiently.

He is not only a tankbuster

What most players do not realize is that the fighter is not merely for fending off tanky heroes. While it is true that he can bust the likes of Winston and Reinhardt, he is far more useful as a one-on-one character. He is more effective in close-range battles, with a decent efficiency for headshots.

Reaper’s dual-wielded guns are his strengths in “Overwatch.” The weapons’ impeccable damage is enough to put even the heaviest of characters out. But as mentioned, he is not only a tankbuster. He can be used to eliminate high-value characters such as supports and/or flankers.

He is best at offense, not defense

Believe it or not, the “Overwatch” hero can be devastating at offense rather than defense.

His teleport skill allows him to wander anywhere on the map, enabling him to flank enemies from behind. When the going gets tough, his The Reaping is sufficient enough to provide him his health back.

As much as players love to use him, Reaper is not entirely designed for defense in “Overwatch," and especially when choked, he barely does anything advantageous other than spamming those shotguns.

However, he has the ability to keep up with the heat as long as there is a good support able to negate the damage done to him. So, the key here is to have supporters like Ana or Mercy stick to him throughout the battle.

Wraith with care

His Wraith form allows him to move from one position to another without getting hit. He even gains a slight burst of speed, while becoming immune to any possible attacks.

However, this only happens for a short period of time. Once over, he is back to his normal state.

A quick use of Wraith is advantageous, most especially in attacks, if he has the health to back him up. If he is weakened he can easily be subdued by the likes of Roadhog and even Hanzo. So before pushing for a Wraith form, be sure to replenish those health points first.

Death Blossom in the middle of a fight

What most players fail to understand is that Reaper’s Death Blossom works perfectly when unleashed in the middle of a fight. He automatically starts firing at all direction, leaving no room for escape. While the weapon is considered effective in every situation, it can be useless when incorrectly launched.

The beauty about “Overwatch” is the intensity of the fights that players get to experience. This is where Reaper’s Death Blossom can be more effective. Try using it whenever the opposing team tends to draw together or when they are confined in a choke point.