Dive composition in “Overwatch” works exactly the same with other titles in the industry. In its most organic form, it is an aggression targeted towards the softest and most important heroes in the game. The key here is to exert quickness and effectiveness to ensure an acceptable outcome.

In “Overwatch,” there are a bunch of heroes players can use to perform dive compositions correctly. However, to achieve this goal, one must understand the type of characters needed; otherwise, it will only defeat the purpose of conducting dive positions. Here are some heroes in the game worthy of a mention.


The beauty of Genji relies on his ability to move from one direction to another. He has the quickness and swiftness needed to subdue support heroes such as Mercy and Ana. He is even capable of zoning out targets in a matter of seconds, something that other heroes in the game cannot achieve.

Obviously, the “Overwatch” hero’s first possible strategy is throwing out shurikens from a range. He can then move to fly in and disturb the enemy’s line of support. The only catch, though, is that the user must be skilled enough to utilize him.


Obviously, when it comes to dive compositions in “Overwatch,” Tracer is a great choice. She can dive in using her immense mobility while trying to fend off the support characters.

What even makes her vital is her ability to return to a certain point in time. In this case, if the situation gets tough, she can simply bail out and buy herself time.

Tracer, unlike Genji, is far effective in short-range combat. She can just jump right in the face of a healer and eliminate the hero. If she thinks her Pulse Bomb will do the job, then she can simply get in, recall and voila, mission accomplished.


Winston may be the softest tank in “Overwatch” (he only has 500 health points), but he has the skills needed to penetrate enemy lines. He can leap towards the opposing team and try to electrocute the healers or supports. He can even deploy his barrier if he thinks he is about to get ditched.

The gorilla scientist is without a doubt the best mobile tank in “Overwatch” right now.

If players need a tanky hero with great mobility for dive compositions, then they need to have Winston in their team. He also becomes more formidable if there is a great support behind him. Above all, he can turn his rage into a weapon thanks to his ultimate. He can easily fold support and/or DPS characters, most especially the ones with low health points.