Eric Trump and Donald Jnr Trump are not new to controversy on national and international issues. From provocative TV interviews to Twitter messages, The President’s sons have irritated the public with their partisan comments. Should the two stay off national politics to shelve enormous controversy created by the first family?

Eric and Donald Jnr vilified Khan

When President Donald Trump launched a scathing attack on London Mayor Sadiq Khan, following the London Bridge attack, the two came to the president's defense. Internet users perceived the accusations leveled at Khan as unnecessary.

Soon afterward, the president’s sons joined the bandwagon, tenaciously defending their father’s position. This generated unnecessary Twitter debate and triggered the discussion on whether the first family should get involved in every debate.

The London incident is just one among many where the president's sons have annoyed the masses with their prejudiced views. The president's sons have on many occasions taken issues out of hand by criticizing or vilifying those opposed to the president. Recently, appearing on a Fox TV interview, Eric sharply criticized Democrats and referred to them as non-humans.

US President cannot avoid criticisms

President Trump's sons have a vast multi-billion business enterprise to manage.

Why can’t they concentrate in running the family business and leave politics to their father? Regular confrontations with the mainstream media, groups or individuals opposed to the way the president is running the country is certainly needless. This endless wordy trivial warfare from the president’s sons will have a prolonged negative impact on the Trump business empire.

The first family ought to understand that by the virtue of their father being the president of the United States, he will often be criticized by those opposed to the position he takes on various issues. They should understand that positive criticism does not equate to hatred or disapproval of their father.

Chelsea Clinton should be their role model

The two should learn from Chelsea Clinton, who despite working for the Clinton Foundation, has maintained a low profile life. Even during the 2016 presidential campaign for Hillary Clinton, she managed to stay off any controversial debates regarding the Clintons. The President's sons should shun unnecessary comments against Democrats or engaging in controversial arguments about national or international issues.

US President Donald Trump should also set a demarcation on his family as to what they should engage in, comment or tweet about. Failure to do so will result in a conflict of interest where the public will fail to differentiate between what the Trump brand and the Trump president stands for.