Democrats suddenly tempered their rage at President Donald Trump on Friday after he toyed with the possible existence of a recording of his conversation with James Comey. Trump told a gaggle of press that Comey was lying about what he told him when the two met at the White House. While the entire Comey fiasco is a Democratic Party sponsored, he-said she-said political tap dance for a bipartisan committee, Trump’s coy reference to a White House recording of his and Comey's banter changes everything.

Media's new love of Comey speaks volumes

Despite the media’s newfound love for slippery former FBI director James Comey, following a months-long relentless assassination of him over his failed Hillary Clinton investigation, the press simply doesn't know what cards Trump may hold.

While liberal media and Democrats continue to publicly ridicule, accuse and berate the president, two things have perked up their ears as they feed from dumpsters of stale anti-Trump schtick.

First: Comey included in his testimony that Loretta Lynch, as the Obama administration’s DOJ, personally intervened in the FBI’s email investigation of Clinton and thereby the 2016 election. An investigation of Lynch will automatically lead to an investigation of Hillary Clinton and her associates. Also, remember Bill and Loretta talking about “their grandchildren” after he intercepted and entered her private aircraft on the tarmac of a busy airport? We know that Obama was politically invested in Hillary Clinton’s campaign; the question is what do we not know about these political relationships during the heat of a campaign for the presidency of the United States?

Trump plays cards close to chest

For his part, the Trump isn’t going to reveal any recording to the media before he is ready to do so. Meanwhile, his message today was simple. “I didn’t say that! I’m going to tell you, I didn’t say that. And there would be nothing wrong with it if I did say that, according to everybody that I’ve talked to today.

But I didn’t say that.”

That’s pretty clear. The ball is in the Democrats' court, politically speaking. Unlike Bill Clinton in the 90s, Trump straight up says he’s willing to testify under oath if it comes to that. The Democrats are a different story. Hillary Clinton has multiple ongoing investigations against her and Democratic operatives and she no longer has a sitting president to protect her.

Ditto, Loretta Lynch. Ditto, Barack Obama, and so on. Unlike Clint Eastwood talking to the chair at Mitt Romney's Republican convention, the question for Democrats is from Eastwood’s Dirty Harry character. “Do you feel lucky today, punk? Well, do you?”

Democrats dead end in Russia

Democrats are already at a dead end with their Russia gig even though they can't seem to let go. That investigation is as up-in-smoke as a Cheek and Cheong rerun. As Democrats and the media shifted their allegiance from Hillary to Comey it became clear that there was no there, there, either -- only useless hearsay from a disgruntled employee. Meanwhile, Trump says he would “be glad” to chat with Robert Mueller about his conversations with Comey.

Over the next few weeks expect Democratic leaders - who have cheered media's anti-Trump fever for months while leaking to newspapers -- to stress over this can of worms they opened while pondering the risks for Democrats in their editorials. Then, there is the prospect of a White House recording of Trump and Comey’s conversation. Comey admitted there was no investigation of Trump but as the special prosecutor starts turning over rocks he better hope a recording isn’t under one of them and he becomes the subject of an investigation.