Over the last 24 hours, Eric Trump has come under fire over a report that claims he stole money from a children's charity to funnel back to his father's company. As expected, the younger Trump denied the allegations, doing so in a Tweet that quickly received backlash.

Eric's denial

On Tuesday, Forbes released a shocking report that alleged Eric Trump shifted money from a children's charity back to the family's Trump Organization. According to Forces, the Eric Trump Foundation took money for a charity golf tournament that was set up to raise money for the St.

Jude's Children Research Hospital. The story stems from an annual golf tournament that was put together by the foundation, where the use of course was allegedly free, while all other additions, like food, drinks and entertainment, were supposed to be written off. Speaking to Forbes, Eric noted, "We get to use our assets 100% free of charge." However, Forbes claims that after reviewing information regarding his foundation, they found that the golf tournament was not free, with the Trump Organization receiving close to $1.2 million. Disputing the story, a spokesperson for Trump accused Forbes of publishing a "shame" and "truly disgusting" article, which was elaborated on further during a June 7 tweet.

On Wednesday, Eric Trump responded to a Twitter reply from freelancer Glenn Fleishman who mockingly accused the president's son of stealing money from a children's charity.

"I have raised $16.3 million dollars for terminally ill children at @StJude with less than a 12.3% expense ratio," Eric tweeted out, before rhetorically asking, "What have you done today?!" The news comes as further information has been reported, including the unexpected rise in costs for the charity golf tournament, which concluded its final event in 2015 following the start of Donald Trump's presidential campaign.

Twitter reacts

Not long after sending out his tweet on the issue, Eric Trump was ripped by angry social media users who didn't appear convinced who his explanation. "That's a lot, congrats. so how much did you steal?" Joe Tacopino wrote, before later adding, "oh and then $100,000 in donations into revenue for the Trump Organization, a for-profit business run by your dad."


I called my representatives again to try and save health care before your father kills way more sick kids than you've ever helped," Rob Sheridan tweeted out. "Eric, its not your fault your the son of Satan, but its not too late to change your ways," another post read.

"I'll tell you two things I DIDN'T do this weekend, I didn't kill innocent animals with my brother and I didn't commit treason for my father," voice actor Neil Kaplan wrote in response. The negative reactions continued as the rift between the White House and those who oppose the administration is not looking like it will come to end anytime soon.