Donald Trump's style of leadership is rapidly alienating the US from the rest of the world. For decades, America was not only the greatest economy but also the leader of the free world. The White House, the office of the US President, and American values were things highly esteemed globally.

America was the hope of the world

The great USA held unmatched credentials in emancipation of the oppressed world. It was a Beacon Of Hope and a light in the dark world grappling from the oppression of communism. The US eagerly sought to bring human freedom to all countries.

It provided food donations and medicine to underserved populations in Asia, Africa and Latin America. Africa, especially, revered the exemplary leadership emanating from Capitol Hill. That was then.

However, since the election of Donald J Trump as the 45th US President, a seismic shift has taken place globally. As the US adopts despotic tendencies in dealing with the international community, Africa has quickly embraced China for its trade. African countries no longer regard the US as the beacon of hope and protection of human rights.

Europe baffled by Trump’s policies

Even Europe, which for decades envied the contributions of the US in global trade, is baffled at the sudden change of attitude.

President Donald Trump has popularized trade protectionism, which has greatly angered Europe. Since the US pulled out of the Trans-Pacific Partnership, Germany and France have taken over the position that was principally America's.

Another issue that aggravated the world is Trump’s bid to build a physical wall along the Mexican border.

US trade with Mexico in 2016 is estimated to have reached $579.7 billion. Building a physical wall on the Mexican Border is thus not only myopic but also signifies a total lack of respect for a key trade partner.

Trump alienating the US

Before Trump's surprise win, the US led in global campaigns on issues such as climate change.

However, things took a nosedive after the US pulled out of the Paris Accord on Climate change. The US President is not new to controversy. He has frequently castigated world leaders and vilified those opposed to his positions on issues such as climate change, trade, Muslim refugees, and his immigration policies.

With Donald Trump as President, the US is steadily building a wall around itself as it separates from the entire world. The America First principle, if not keenly articulated, will not only empower Germany as the leader of the free world but also China as the new world's commercial hub.