Ever since Donald Trump was elected president, many minority groups have feared the ramifications of the new commander in chief. In the nearly three months since Trump has been in office, he's made various moves that have caused backlash, with his advisers and family members making comments that have triggered those who fear that the worst is just around the corner.

Takei on Trump

It's no secret that left-leaning political activist groups and other liberal outlets are not a fan of Donald Trump. From the day he announced his campaign for president and referred to illegal immigrants from Mexico as "murderers" and "rapists," Trump has been the top target for the left.

Often labeled a "racist," "sexist," "misogynist," Islamaphobe," "homophobic," and "bigot," the former host of "The Apprentice" was still able to weather the storm and become the 45th President of the United States. Despite vowing to be the president for "all Americans," Trump's policy proposals and executive orders have resulted in his poll numbers dropping even further. However, his family has stood by him, including his son, Donald Trump Jr., who has often lashed out on Twitter in defense of his dad, as well as to voice his own views on current events and American politics. After the younger Trump mocked LGBT students during a recent Twitter post for pushing back at the arrival of a Chick-fil-A on a college campus, actor George Takei decided to speak out on his social media account on April 13.

Donald Trump Jr. took to his Twitter account on Thursday morning and tweeted an article from the Daily Caller that highlighted the outrage from LGBT students of Duquesne University in Pittsburgh for allowing a Chick-fil-A restaurant on their campus.

The outrage stems from the restaurant's president, Dan Cathy, who is a conservative Christian and has been vocal in his opposition to same-sex marriage. Students have been quoted as saying they are now living in "fear" of the restaurant's arrival. In response, Trump Jr. added his thoughts. "Luckily these students wont likely have to tackle issues more stressful than a yummy chicken sandwich in their lives," he tweeted, before adding, "Oh Wait," while using the hashtag "#triggered."

Takei's shot

Responding the tweet was George Takei, and openly gay actor who is a vocal supporter in the LGBT community. "Donald Jr. mocking LGBTs for not having to tackle stress?," Takei tweeted, before adding, "He'd stick his whole damn foot in his mouth if there wasn't a silver spoon there."