To find out about pain talk to a U.S. veteran. You may hear stories that would make you critical of the war talk put out by people who have never seen a battlefield. That would include the present occupant of the White House. We farm out our military jobs to people who are searching for a rung on a ladder that disappeared a while ago. We hear terrible figures about the number of veteran suicides every day. It gets worse.

Now the President silences vets

You can block anyone on Twitter and now our president has exercised the privilege to block tweets, indeed to block his entire account, to veterans with whom he disagrees.

It's funny because most Trump tweets are met with a storm of criticism. Some of them are unprintable. Why would Trump who never fails to suggest he is the best friend veterans ever had, zap followers who fought for the USA?

Go figure

We shall delve a bit. Think Progress has a lucid story on the matter and it is well worth a look. Here it is.

Here is the Vote Vets tweet that earned the Trump block.

Now granted this tweet seeks to kill two birds with 144 characters.

We are reprising Trump's successful smear path to the White House and we are suggesting that Russia had something to do with the president's November electoral victory. We cannot have that. Block! Will that display of presidential anger feed the Trump base?

The question of the week?

The matter of Trump's base is a burning question that even Trump can't touch because the base could well be in the process of imploding.

I reported yesterday that it had declined from thirty to twenty percent of the total US population. When this article is done, my next step will be to investigate the trajectory today.

The base is all Trump may have

Here's how it goes. Trump has not yet figured out how to get an approval rating above 50 percent. That is because more people do not like him than do.

It is the people with strong feelings on both sides that create the numbers I am citing. These are strong likes and strong dislikes. The dislikes for Trump are the reason he will stay under 50 percent.

Dig down

A decline in strong support for Trump is a disaster. I have already pointed out that most of the idiocy published by Breitbart and other nefarious right wing lie factories are not believed by the rank and file GOP. They are for Trump because he's an outsider, not part of the elite. The problem is this nonelite stuff is less and less true. The more Trump's mushy base softens, the more Trump needs the hardcore. BTW Trump also just blocked Stephen King. Stay tuned.