Over the last 24 hours, the issue of Donald Trump and his stance with veterans has been on display, After blocking a veterans organization on Twitter earlier Tuesday, the president decided to show support for vets on social media, but it didn't go over well with his critics.

Trump and vets

During the 2016 presidential election, Donald Trump used various talking points in an attempt to appeal to as many potential voters as possible. Since he was running in the Republican primary, the former host of "The Apprentice" highlighted issues pertaining to United States military, including helping veterans.

Trump spoke about improving the VA, which has fell under hard times in recent years. While Trump claimed to be strong supporter of veterans, not everyone is convinced of his message. Several veterans groups have since come out against the billionaire real estate mogul, citing his recent policy proposals that would cut health care services for members of the military, including vets. On Tuesday morning, the progressive group known as "Vote Vets" announced that they had been blocked on social media by the president, causing instant backlash over a sitting commander in chief shutting out a group of men and women who fought for the country due to their political criticism. As seen in a tweet on June 13, Trump gloated about a recent veterans bill reaching his desk, noting that he was eager to sign it.

Taking to Twitter on Tuesday night was Donald Trump, who was quick to tout a new veterans bill that will allegedly improve the VA and health care for vets.

"The passage of the @DeptVetAffairs Accountability and Whistleblower Protection Act is GREAT news for veterans!" Trump tweeted out, before adding, "I look forward to signing it!"

Twitter reacts

Not long after Donald Trump tweeted his support for his own veterans bill, social media users didn't waste time in pushing back.

"You blocked a veteran advocate account today bruh," Austin Braun wrote on Twitter.

"Ha! You care so much about veterans, you block them on Twitter," one social media user wrote, while adding in a follow-up tweet, "Blocks vets and lies about how much he loves them on the same day." "Your healthcare bill STOLE BILLIONS of $$$ from veterans to give the top 1% and corporations enormous tax cuts!" Jules Suzdaltsev wrote on his Twitter account.

"Including the 500,000 vets at @votevets you blocked today? Or just the ones that support you?" Justin Hendrix tweeted, before noting, "I mean, just outrageous, Donald." " The negative reaction continued to pour in as it was clear that many Americans don't believe that the president is a fan of veterans.