From the time Donald Trump won the election in 2016 a specific type of lawlessness has increased in America. The Donald an older white male winning the election after eight years of a biracial president seemed to embolden a segment of this nation. His angry outbursts at rallies and chants of "Make America Great Again" seem to have brought all the unstable people out of the woodwork. The Trump Effect might even be to blame for a recent shooting at a Congressional baseball field.

The Most recent shooting at the baseball field

Baseball is the all-American sport.

A baseball game is where people go with their families to relax, have fun and root for their favorite team. Now that image will be tarnished for many Americans. CNN and Fox reported that early on Wednesday there was a shooting at a congressional baseball field near Alexandria Va. Five people were reported to have been shot. Three of them include GOP Whip Steve Scalise and two police officers. Although The Trump Effect cannot be proven beyond the shadow of a doubt the theory for many is very real.

Angry Americans are lashing out like never before: hate, racism, anti-Semitism, homophobia, intolerance, and those who are anti-Washington and anti-police. The shooter has been allegedly arrested and no motive given.

More than likely the "negative energy" that Donald Trump has unleashed on this nation pushed this individual and he or she was Sick And Tired of being sick and tired. Certainly, that is no excuse for shooting innocent people but those dealing with extreme stress and anxiety have short fuses. They respond to what the majority chooses to overlook.

The trickle down of The Trump Effect

it seems that the Trump Effect has some Americans in two extreme categories. There are those who desire to "Make America White Again" and others who want to see Donald Trump thrown out of office. Most U.S. citizens I believe are somewhere in the middle. The climate in the United States is one of tension with some shouting "Not my president" and "Impeach" while others are saying "Sour Grapes," "The election is over" and "Hillary lost."

African Americans who do not support the current president are being told that we are mad that Obama is no longer in the office or that we had "our" president.

Not every black person voted for Obama and every elected official is working for all Americans no matter their race or color. Even so, there is a divide between the races that was not there before Obama left the Oval Office and Trump went in. This is yet another side to the Trump Effect.

The bottom line about the effect that that Donald Trump has on this nation is that tension is heightened. People are on edge and those who are unable to discipline themselves are acting out. The president continues to exhibit unethical and unacceptable behavior and it is flowing down to those he is supposed to serve.