After a year of reporting about alleged but unproven ties between President Trump and Russia concerning the 2016 Election results, media outlets and Democrats were crushed today over written testimony from former FBI Director, James Comey that contained no surprises. Democrats have been hoping to bring down the Republican president and change the Election Results by linking the administration to alleged Russian attempts to hack into Democratic Party and government computer systems.

Comey's letter contains no new allegations

While Comey wrote that Trump pressured him to let go of the FBI investigation into Russia’s alleged meddling in the 2016 elections, there is no evidence, or a smoking gun, that suggests the Russian government affected the vote count in any way.

Comey was despised by Democrats for investigating Hillary Clinton’s email fiasco however he became their star witness against Trump after the president fired him. While the Democratic Party has ginned up the press over Trump/Russia ties, none have surfaced, nor has any evidence or suggestion of wrongdoing.

Democrats may face backlash over Russia obsession

Experts say the lack of new information in Comey’s letter settled the stock market today as relief came over Wall Street regarding the withering investigation. Investors had been concerned about the potential effect that any game-changing revelations would have on the stock market. Investors and big business have rallied Wall Street since Trump’s inauguration.

Experts say today’s letter from Comey confirming there still is no there, there, concerning alleged Trump/Russia connections will have an additional positive influence on the market.

Are American people tiring of Trump bashing

While leading Democrats cling to what some see as far-fetched hopes of bringing down the administration over its so far nonexistent ties to Russia, media outlets and anti-Trump leakers held over from the Obama administration have kept the story alive for nearly a year.

Now political pundits on both sides of the aisle say the Democrats’ apparent obsession with Russia comes with a risk of backlash unless they produce specific evidence of wrongdoing by the president. Most recently, Democrats jumped at the administration's talk of developing back channels of communications between several countries including Russia.

The problem for Democrats and their salivating media sponsors is that all administrations do that to preserve the integrity of negotiations, treaties and such. Now, with no smoking gun, Democrats are increasingly seen as having overplayed their Russian card while articulating no particular reason why voters should support them.