Mitch McConnell is pushing a bill which is actually a death sentence for millions of Americans. He is muscling his GOP Senate colleagues to vote yes and become co-conspirators with him and the House GOP. Death sentence? Shall I modify it? I don't think so.

Obamacare is an imperfect system that needs serious work to become decent. The bill we call Trumpcare is an excrescence. It is something the GOP threw together and now they are willing to change it any way they can to get every last vote for Donald Trump. It is murderous.

A sick GOP plays along

Let's forget the ten who are said to be on the fence and talk about the 40 GOP senators who are in the bag for Tump, including stalwarts like Graham and McCain. Whatever you think of them, many likely thought that they at least had a shred of conscience left within them. Are they assuming Trumpcare will not come to a vote and they will be spared having their perfidy made part of history?

As Bob Mueller gets up to speed

While the GOP is preparing its deadly summer conspiracy, Bob Mueller is probably noting the possibilities of charging one Donald J. Trump for things that are obvious, like imploring Putin to intervene in the 2016 campaign and openly trying to save Mike Flynn.

Or maybe Mueller is delving into things that Trump does not want anyone to know, things that might be revealed after a subpoena of his tax returns.

The stakes

Mitch McConnell knows that unless the shameful Trumpcare bill passes, he could face a complete meltdown of the whole Trump agenda. The healthcare bill mandates theft of $800 billion, which can be readily applied to a tax bill for people who do not live as we do.

These people are the custodians of the current disastrous economy. They know better than we where we are headed. They need all the money they can get to survive the cataclysm when it comes.

Let's get the story straight, shall we?

Mitch first wants reelection. Thus, he wants the continued patronage of those who do not live as we do.

To do this, he works to pass whatever is thrown at him that Trump says to pass.

Trump calls the bill cruel and heartless, and whatever else to keep everyone confused, but, if this actually passes, Mitch will be smiling and making racist jokes under his breath -- along with others on the GOP side who have waited forever to continue their hateful revenge on Obama. Why? Because they know he could have been the greatest GOP president since Abe Lincoln.