President Donald Trump has not given a satisfactory answer as to why he did not host the annual iftar at The White House. Bill Clinton began the tradition in 1996 of having a dinner for Muslims to celebrate ending their Ramadan fast. Every President since that time has hosted the iftar until Donald Trump, and he gave no reason as to why he did not continue the tradition.

Donald Trump shows his contempt for Muslims

Donald Trump said he wanted to make America great again, but his actions tell a different story. With the current hostile climate for Muslims in America, our Commander in Chief should not be tolerating hate in America and leading by example.

Instead, he is the one perpetuating the ill will which shows he is not a President for all U.S. citizens. The President had an opportunity to lead by example and show the world he does not discriminate against Muslims or any other group. Unfortunately, his recent actions say quite the opposite.

If the President had continued the tradition, the entire world would see that he is a man of his word. Instead of the traditional iftar, Donald Trump had a greeting sent to those ending Ramadan. The Donald sent warm wishes from himself and first lady Melania but to many, this greeting was devoid of true warmth and sincerity. By discontinuing the annual dinner, the President has given those who practice Islam in America a slap in the face.

He is telling the world that he is not their president and does not approve of the religion they practice.

A missed opportunity for the Trump administration to bridge a gap

Donald Trump won the election because he promoted intolerance. Building a wall in Mexico, and issuing a Muslim travel ban played to Americans who believe in separatism.

Hate crimes against people of color and the LBGTQ communities have all increased since November. The President missed a chance to break bread with those who practice Islam and show them they are as American as anyone else who lives in this nation.

For President Trump to stop the annual tradition of Iftar without a valid cause was brazen.

He is boldly saying to the world that he does not care for Muslims. This will only cause weak minded U.S. citizens to lash out against the Muslim community. Donald Trump set a very hateful example and sadly there are many who will follow his lead. This so-called Christian nation needs to get a clue because Jesus said we are to love and not hate.