There are two ways to talk about a trump collapse. One is if all that is happening is just a way of propping him up so he will behave. The other assumes a level of adulthood. It looks at Trump as an adult on the way back to Trump Tower or prison. I am not sure adulthood has much of a chance when reports say Congress is even more polarized following Friday's baseball shooting.


This will be a two-year inquiry into what the Commission sees as a decline in civil rights awareness in the various branches of government since Donald took over.

This immediately reminds us of Trump's entry into public life in the early 1950s when he and his father Fred were called on the carpet for civil rights violations in a Trump housing project. Happily, for the musically inclined, the legendary Woody Guthrie was a tenant. A visit to YouTube with this information in hand will yield some remnants of Guthrie's protest,"Old Man Trump."

Things do not get better

Unfortunately, the next item is one of those matters that elicits prayer, as Tulsi Gabbard says. The incident took place near Japan and there is little information about what caused the collision of the U.S. ship and the Philippine cargo vessel. But when such incidents happen they do little to bolster morale.

Save the war for last

Yes, well. What has been obvious for some time is now the way things are. We are no longer protecting the American people, we are witnessing a resurrection of the Trump presidential campaign.

Its goal will be a big win for Donald Trump. It will be dirty, outrageous and all the fault of Barack Obama and others who are conducting an underground effort to dislodge Donald. This is how it will be.

A sort of thesis

Perhaps this is best.

If Trump was to succeed as a president, the country would be more firmly in the grip pf the one percent. We might actually see the passage of a health bill that will result in a 23 million person drop in those insured. We might get a tax bill that will give all the money saved by ravaging Obamacare to the very wealthy. It is a possible plus for us that most of Trump's time will be taken up as usual with things that relate to saving his own skin. The perils of Donald.

The Dems are hapless

Besides, the Democrats have no message. They have one but they do not use it. They should follow Tulsi Gabbard and say that we need bipartisanship now. They should insist on it. Go to the wall like John Lewis.They won't and that is the end of this catechism, to echo Falstaff.