Just when you think there's been enough trump disaster for one day there comes a ten-pronged one that takes the cake. It will take me this whole article to tell you ten things that should convince you that Trump is set on placing us on the very bottom rung of nations in terms of smart energy and future development. This is the sum of his just released energy program. Read and weep.

1. Coal leads the way

But first, see the evidence. It is truly pathetic.

Everything I will say (1-7) is based on the information you can read for yourself at the Axios site It will be all over the media soon.

Adios says that the big thing in the Trump announcement is "to reduce barriers for foreign nations to gain loans to build new coal plants." This is unbelievable. Is this all you've got, Donald? Really? Will this cause a stampede back to the one fuel that's neither cost effective nor ecologically acceptable?

2. Nuke power?

I'm just going in order, folks. I am the composer of a song that prays that after Three Mile Island our nuclear reactors will "never react anymore." No such luck. Donald has been listening to his fellow deep state nuke proponents who won't have to breathe the radioactive air when it hits.

3. New offshore initiatives

I am not making this up. This is the third American energy plank in Mr.

Trump's arsenal of great ideas. We can read about the coal and nuke businesses while we wait for the next oil spill. We're talking oil and gas leasing. What that might mean is sufficiently alarming, and I will leave it up to you to investigate. Selling the U.S.?

4. The wall again

Trump is stretching his points here and I am allowing him that right.

Now he wants to send an oil pipeline right under the big wall. It is questionable whether the wall will ever materialize if the house of cards that is Trump's agenda should cave. But this counts as one of Donald's jazzy energy initiatives.

5. and 6. Okay, it peters out

The great Trump announcement ends with an agreement with South Korea to sell some natural gas.

Finally, there is approval by the Department of Energy to export natural gas from Lousiana.

7. Everything good

What is missing from this is everything good Obama did on energy. Trump is constitutionally unable to do anything good that Obama did. He has already crossed out every safety and clean energy initiative Obama tried to put into effect. Trump will not stop energy progress here. He will simply oppose it with obsolete solutions.

8. Solar will rocket

Trump could have said this. Solar is like computers were, destined to become less and less extensive and more and more in universal use. Trump could have ridden the wave but he does not go to integrated beaches.

9. Wind will grow

While the wind is less bullish than solar at the moment its possibilities are immense.

Unlike the privatization of education and jails, the existence of private solar and wind is fine. We don't need government doing everything.

10. Then there's global warming

Not a word of this from Trump. A zero performance with zero ideas. As someone might say: "Sad."