Louis Tomlinson. The underdog trope is strong with this one, many would say, especially after his recent interview with The Guardian. In it, readers were treated to how Tomlinson goes about his day, and how being in a band that started with five lads affected his perception of himself just as it honed the world's view of his character. In a way, what Tomlinson revealed was predictable, but the way in which he said it – 'with no real vinegar', interviewer Tom Lamont revealed – said so much more.

A father, a son, a boyfriend

It is not easy being in a band with five (later reduced to four) members.

There is competition, even if it isn't the members' own doing. It's the way the industry goes, and for Tomlinson, being delegated as 'the one in the back' was not the end of it. He was also known as the father of Freddie Tomlinson, the loving son of the late Johannah Deakin, and boyfriend to model Eleanor Calder.

News about Tomlinson revolved around his relationships more than they discussed him as a person. He made headlines after it was announced that stylist Briana Jungwirth, not his girlfriend, was pregnant with his child. He was again talked about when he performed "Just Hold On," his collaboration with Steve Aoki, on the "X Factor" days after his mother Johannah died last December. And, depending on who is reporting, Tomlinson was dubbed as either the protective or hotheaded boyfriend of Eleanor Calder after an airport incident involving the paparazzi.

When former bandmate Zayn Malik left One Direction, Tomlinson was again making headlines because he had a Twitter war with Malik and Naughty Boy.

See the pattern yet?

A philanthropist and supportive friend

It is remarkable how easy it is to bury a person's true identity through the use of sensationalism. It sells albums and keeps people talking, but it also breaks a person's character.

Talking about his early days with One Direction, Tomlinson said he has often wondered about his importance in the band. Tomlinson asks: "What have I really done to contribute here? Sing a lower harmony that you can’t really hear in the mix?"

But Directioners view him as a completely different person, and they are not blinded by tabloid headlines.

A quick look at Tomlinson's track record reveals him as the primary songwriter for the band, followed by bandmate Liam Payne.

Tomlinson is also known for his charity work, being involved in numerous projects and donating millions without the media being alerted about it. Recently, Tomlinson, along with Payne, also contributed to Simon Cowell's charity project, #ArtistsForGrenfell.

The Doncaster resident also loves remembering his roots, and he is one of the band's members to openly show support for everyone's achievements. No vinegar, indeed. No shade is thrown at his band members just to get the media interested.

Why would these aspects of Tomlinson's personality be buried, you ask? Because he had to play a role, something that had the singer-songwriter chain-smoking despite knowing its bad effects.

But the good end of it was, as Tomlinson himself revealed, he was the one who paid attention to "backstage logistics." Now, Tomlinson is not only working on a solo album and collaborations that he had been teasing his fans about. He is also on the rise as a record label owner, with a girl band currently under his management.

More importantly, he has shed his underdog image. "I don't like people feeling sorry for me." Fans can only continue to be proud of such genuine character now.