This little corner of the universe is an embarrassment of riches. We gather and record the abundance of reasons why Donald Trump is collapsing even when it might appear that he is riding high. We ae passing over the fact that yesterday's SCOTUS decision was actually not a victory for the president, but a lukewarm acceptance of the fact that he is commander in chief. It will be the fall before the Court comes to a final verdict on the Trump travel ban.


Nor do we need to sort through the Russia matter even though it how appears that there are serious questions relating to money laundering, Kushner and Deutsche Bank that are sure to surface in coming weeks.

Two contributions today are both salient and dangerous to the future of the Trump business in the White House. I phrase it thus because Trump is running a business from the White House with the aid of family members.

Collapse front line

The first and foremost sign of Trump collapse is the continuing likelihood that his first year in office, should he complete it, will be a legislative disaster, Not only has his genocidal Health Bill been sent back for repairs until later in the summer, that fact delays the advent of Trump's equally disastrous tax plans. Breathless GOP longings for further breaks for the wealthy will have to wait.

Why? Because the health world must suffer an $800 billion haircut in order to free up enough to enable the top five percent to continue to pay outlandish prices for truffles and other clear necessities.

The con all hangs together. And here is the proof.

This is too delightful. Trump being chided by a CEO because he is an inept politician who should never have been elected and is failing to learn on the job.

When in doubt, go fascist

You might think the following collapse story should be marked a big win for Donald. But when Trump collapses it will be because people understand and are repelled by him. This story marks a step on the way to flagging Trump as the tinpot dictator he is clearly trying to become. He likes his fellow dictators, Putin, Duterte, and Erdogan.

And he knew how to do this verbal fighting when he was working cons as a celebrity businessman. It is called Trumpspeak Read.

Axios calls this moral? Trump is a congenital and compulsive liar whose falsehoods have been fully documented. His capacity to project precisely his shortcomings on his enemies should sink in over time. When promises like better health turn into rising premiums and loss of insurance we will see how long leanings remain similar.