"Overwatch" won Game of the Year for several reasons. The game is popular on all consoles and the PC. It has swept the world with its dynamic and diverse characters, along with its addicting multiplayer. The game contains a lot of Fun, but these are the Top 3 most fun characters to use in the game that are underrated.


She is an incredible character and one of the best in the game. Tracer can be used on offense and defense in the game. However, the character does take some time to master though. It is an absolute joy to fool enemies by teleporting around.

Tracer is also very good at flanking enemies with her quickness. She can also run away from enemies and grab health packs scattered around different maps.

Additionally, Tracer has exceptional abilities, making her a total joy to use in the game. She can bounce around from one point to another and dodge bullets from various enemies. The ability to reverse time is great because it can help get out of tricky situations and heal up from enemy attacks, which is totally satisfying. Reversing time to gain back health is a pure joy.

Her special ability comes in handy at times. The pulse bomb can kill many tightly packed enemies and it can be stuck onto an enemy too. It can be deadly on even the biggest and strongest characters.

One concern is her low health, but she can also gain it back with her abilities. The dual pistols are good, but only from close range.


This character is incredibly fun to use and he packs a punch. Junkrat seems to be underrated because of how much damage he can do if he is used the correct way. He is good on defense because he can set down traps, which causes enemies to be trapped and killed easily.

It comes in handy when defending a position or zone.

His explosives are deadly, making him great on offense. His weapons are very powerful and deal a lot of damage. His grenade launcher deals a lot of damage. The grenades can also bounce off of walls and hit many enemies.

Junkrat is good for close quarter's combat, as well as large areas because his grenades have a long reach and large radius.

His special ability is also great. The explosive wheel can kill many if detonated at the right time. It can be annoying when an enemy destroys it, though. This is why Junkrat is one of the most fun characters in the game.


Pharah is another fun and powerful character to use in the game. She can sky high into the air and can fly or glide with her jetpack. Her primary weapon is a powerful rocket launcher that can be used on the ground or rained down from above. All her weapons deal heavy damage.

Her special ability shoots a barrage of missiles that can kill a lot of enemies. The missiles can wreck havoc and destruction on a massive scale. Her other weapon is a concussion blast that causes enemies to bounce away.

This is nice to use in Payload situations to get enemies off of the car.

Her one downside, like others stated, is her low health. Truly, that is one of the only disadvantages of this character and the fact that other enemies can make her useless at times when she is on the ground. Her jetpack does not last very long either, but it is quite fun to use.