With technology the way it is, the world is literally at our fingertips. From having your groceries delivered to your doorstep, to cyber stalking your ex-best friend, you can find out anything you need to know in a matter of seconds. There is one question muffled under the surface of every social media platform, however. People all over the world are keeping their eyes peeled for the answer to the question: "Who is my soulmate?"

Fate. A lot of people believe in it, and even more don't. Whether it's something you live by or not, you still know that there is someone out there for you to love who will love you back just as much, if not more.

Well, technology makes it easier. With the development of new Dating applications and websites, the available world is narrowed down and potential prospects are right at your fingertips. You can find a date for a wedding or a one-night-stand with just a few clicks or swipes. But, what if you want something more? Online Dating has its perks of instant gratification, but it also opens the door to something so much more. If you take advantage of its resources, you could find the one.

What you should and shouldn't be doing

Think about your dating profile as your own personal roadside advertisement. All of the potential candidates are headed down the highway, and your sign says: "Pick me, next exit." What about your sign makes them want to pull over?

It has to be compelling. Present the qualities that you are proud of, the ones that make you unique. Not what you have, what you're worth, or what you think your suitors want to hear. Be honest and true. You don't want to bait a date with lies and false expectations, do you? That could end on an embarrassing note.

When you initiate that first conversation, don't hit them with the one-word salutation: "Hey." That gets old very fast.

Learn about them through their profile, don't comment on what they say, but find common ground in what they haven't said. His profile picture is at one of your favorite beaches? Avoid the ab comment, and tell him one of your favorite past-times at that beach. Her profile picture has her holding an adorable pup? Tell her a funny story about your own dog.

Find common ground and use it to start a conversation and break the ice at the same time. "Hey" doesn't provide much to work with.

If you don't get a response, be mature about it

So often, people don't get responses. If you're on the initiating end and you send a message that doesn't get an immediate response, be an adult. Let your ego go, and accept the reality that it's an online dating site and you aren't entitled to anything, just like they aren't obligated. On to the next person. If you're on the other end and you get a message from someone you aren't really feeling, be honest. "I appreciate you reaching out, but I'm not interested." Give the reasons why while being respectful and considerate.

People appreciate honesty.

Online dating no longer carries a negative stigma. It's just as common as cutting your grass these days. Many may tell you why it doesn't work, or why it's a joke. It doesn't have to be this way. The success rate of dates that lead to marriages is incredible. It's all about honest communication and tact. Use your profile to compliment yourself, not create yourself.