Kendra Sunderland has stepped away from the spotlight since she was discovered online after a video surfaced of her masturbating inside an Oregon State library. She was hailed "Library Girl" after the video immediately went viral and showed up on various adult entertainment sites. It made her an overnight sensation but it also landed her in prison.

Man dates former web cam girl

The former stripper and college student has since been spotted on a date with a guy she met on Tinder. They decided to meet up at Chili's after talking on the popular hookup app.

Kendra Sunderland and the man, who never revealed his name, met up at the chain restaurant and he reportedly thought the blonde beauty looked familiar. During their date, the man decided to pull out his phone to look Kendra up online.

To his surprise, he found a video of the former webcam model with another man. He also came across her famous "Library Girl" viral video and her current work for Vixen Angels Company. He shared a photo of a smiling Kendra Sunderland along with the lewd video on his various social media accounts.

Is Kendra Sunderland still dating her boyfriend?

Fans were surprised to find the busty model out on a date. Kendra Sunderland's Instagram account shows photos of her with her boyfriend who seems to support her foray into porn.

It's not clear whether she's in an open relationship. Last month, her mystery boyfriend revealed that they moved to Los Angeles together but her date with the other man took place at a Chili's in Oregon in the early part of February.

It is possiblehat she's in an on-and-off relationship with the other man in her life. Last year, she tweeted that she was finally back on Tinder after the members didn't believe that she was real.

Kendra Sunderland quickly achieved internet fame when she was kicked out of Oregon State University for making a solo adult video inside the school's library, a video that she streamed in a live adult chat. Not only was she banned, but she was arrested for public indecency.