When former First Lady Michelle Obama speaks, people stop and listen. Mrs. Obama has a way of captivating an audience that makes them not only listen intensively to her but also save her words in their mental rolodex to take heed of whatever advice she is giving.

An example of the power Mrs. Obama still possesses post-White House was on display last Friday during the Partnership for a Healthier America Summit. While on stage at the summit, the former First Lady outed Trump and his administration for rolling back on school lunch standards that were part of her "Let's Move" initiative, a program aimed at getting kids to eat healthier.

Kids shouldn't eat healthy?

At the Partnership for a Healthier America Summit in Washington, DC last Friday, Michelle Obama did not hold back on expressing her feelings about Trump and his administration. She explained the new administratrion wants to halt healthy school meals and change the required standard for schools —a standard that she put in place while being First Lady.

When speaking on the negative impact of the trump administration’s decision to roll back on the standards, the former First Lady said, "We got to make sure that we don't let anybody take us back. This is where you really have to look at motives, you know. You have to stop and think, why don't you want our kids to have good food at school?

What is wrong with you? Why would that be political?"

Mrs. Obama went on to say, "Take me out of the equation. Like me or don’t like me but think about why someone is okay with your kids eating crap. Why would you sit idly by and be okay with that?”

She also stated that Trump’s decision to roll back on the school lunch standards will not prohibit her from continuing to fight for kids to eat healthier because it’s vital that they do so.

If Trump's plans to cut the school lunch initiative wasn't enough, he also wants to axe her “Let Girls Learn” initiative which is essential in helping adolescent girls around the world get quality education.

The GOP must be held accountable

Michelle Obama's fiery attack on Trump and his administration yet again making a decision that does not "Make America Great Again"; is the motivation we need to the fight the GOP on matters that greatly effect our lives like the health insurance issue.

America has an extreme obesity problem so, why would the current president and his team take away policies and programs that can help reduce that problem? Wouldn't they want Americans and especially American children to be healthy? We need to stand in unity with Mrs. Obama and demand for our kids to have healthy nutritious foods in their schools.