The Cleveland Cavaliers started the 2017 NBA playoffs undefeated with two series sweeps of the Indiana Pacers and Toronto Raptors. They await the winner of the Wizards-Celtics series which has gone all the way to Game 7. The Cavaliers have had almost 2 weeks to rest up since their series sweep of Toronto. That may become a big factor in the Eastern Conference Finals. LeBron James has been nothing but the best player in the world since the playoffs started. The question is not whether the Cavaliers can make the NBA Finals, but if they will face any competition at all in the Eastern Conference Finals.

Are the Wizards or Celtics the better matchup?

Basketball is all about matchups. If a team can equally match their opponent then it could make for highly competitive games. Everyone agrees that the Cavaliers could and are going to make the NBA Finals, but how hard will it be for them? The Boston Celtics have Isaiah Thomas and a young squad that doesn’t really have much playoff experience.

They were the number one team in the Eastern Conference based on record but are they better than Cleveland? Nothing is certain in life, but most would say that Cleveland could handle Boston if they played in the Conference Finals. The Celtics believe that they can beat the Cavaliers and win it all. That’s a very tall order considering how Cleveland has been playing lately.

Washington, on the other hand, could be a little more difficult for Cleveland. If the Wizards are able to pull out a Game 7 win on the road, then it could make for a very interesting series against the Cavaliers. John Wall and Bradley Beal are one of the best combo guards in the league and could give Cleveland a bit of trouble.

The Washington Wizards matchup pretty well against the Cleveland Cavaliers and could make for an exciting and interesting series.

Will the Cavaliers drop a game or two?

Whoever the Cleveland Cavaliers face will be a tougher opponent. The question on everyone’s mind is whether the series will be competitive or just another 4 game sweep.

Experts are not giving the Celtics or Wizards much of a chance against the Cavaliers, and rightfully so.

Fans will find out one way or another once the outcome of the Wizards/Celtics series is decided, and the Eastern Conference Finals get underway.