Thinking gives birth to action and expression. There are three possible elements to a thought that ends up with a deed. The first is the sign, the precipitating impulse, the origin. The second is whatever challenges that thought. And the third is the action or statement that results. When the challenge to a thought is ethics and the motive is truth, justice, and beauty, a person can be said to be a triadic thinker. Someone who thinks in threes and allows ethics in.

Lost in conflict

Donald Trump is, unfortunately, a Binary thinker. He can only arrive at the result of binary thinking -- lost in endless Conflict.

Permanent karma. You can illustrate this by pointing to an exception, Recently Trump seemed to empathize with the Korean leader because of his youth and the fact that his father had died. When he saw what he had done, Trump told Reuters that he was not being empathetic. Can you find another example of Trump speak that is not confrontational, two-sided, either-or, my way or the highway?

I posted the tweet above to suggest that binary is the dominant theme of history, the seeing of things as two-sided only is almost a theological description of how America has operated.

We are comfortable with two. The Cold War. The war on drugs. The war on poverty. War itself is the product of a binary response.

Another binary Trump tweet

Trump's tweets mask a binary nature by claiming to represent whole unities like America and greatness. This is yesterday.

Now consider what he is referring to.

He is referring to a Steve Bannon split-screen TV production that contrasts Harrisburg with DC. It is commenced with an eleven-minute skewering of the media. It is a feast of binary anger which ends up having the crowd of supporters applauding themselves. The only unity here is on one side that is being filled with bile against another side.

Fighting constantly

Conflict has been Trump's meat and drink forever from bullying days in school to college 'pranks' to business dealings that have resulted in more than three thousand lawsuits. Rather than asking the three basic questions ethics poses, he barrels ahead and seeks to overpower with conflict-laced words.

Three basic questions

The three questions ethics asks of any action or expression by any person are: Is it tolerant? Is it helpful? Is it democratic? When the answer is yes, the result is a considered event which is likely to have a positive result. With Trump it is doubtful that this natural thinking process kicks in at all.

Trump is a binary conflict waiting to explode. For this reason, he should be recalled. I shall explain.