Anyone who has followed Trump closely should be aware that TIME is of the essence in removing him from office. It is true that removing him does not eliminate the damage the GOP can inflict. But there are compelling arguments to suggest that if we do not remove Trump ASAP the country could cross a divide that would spell ruin for many living now and tangible hardship for generations to come.

Why the rush?

Trump compounds harm daily. Compound interest grows very quickly and so does compound harm. Take a single issue, health care. Trump has no difficulty lying about what he is up to.

To hear him tell it, he is fixing defective Obamacare. Meanwhile, he is working intently to shrink and truncate Obamacare and thereby deny healthcare to millions. This will kill people and give him more money for tax breaks and defense. If this has to be proved, read the article attached to the tweet below.

Almost anyone who understands health care knows that Medicaid is an essential safety net for those with limited or no resources. Obamacare expands Medicaid over time. Trump wants to shrink it. With the deal he is making with Florida he is clearly on a path to destroying Medicaid entirely and making us sicker again.

The problem

Trump moves in a similar way on every domestic area he touches. Each move he makes results in worsening an already endangered status quo. At some point, we will have a police state. We will have a privatized School System with no expansion of opportunity and the prospect of education that contradicts basic truth.

We will have a court system that hues to the desires of the Koch Brothers. We will have a justice system that moves us backward to an age no one wants to contemplate. Make no mistake. Trump is hell-bent on deconstructing every good thing we have done and uncannily selecting the worst option as his solution.

Is this fair?

You be the judge.

Do you want states where police have been essentially forced to become federal arm that comes down heavily on illegals and Muslims? Do you want a president who flaunts a desire to appear tough by making a pal of Roderigo Duterte who routinely slaughters thousands in the Philippines?

Time sensitivity

The longer Trump remains in office the more deft his touch becomes. He is ever more comfortable making 11-minute attacks on the media. He will do the same to teachers when they dare defend the integrity of our public school system. He will stigmatize and attack anyone who does not subscribe to the Bannon-Trump deconstruction agenda.

We should be very time sensitive. We face a moment of truth. A moment only. Then the lies take over.