Donald Trump has breached the fundamental values of a Universal Ethic which is grounded in a rejection of idolatry common to all religion. The active values of a universal ethic are tolerance, helpfulness, and democracy. Goodness and justice are the aims of all ethical behavior. Donald Trump has proved intolerant, unhelpful and anti-democracy.

The Presidency in peril

The presidency is a unique position in the United States. And Donald Trump has perplexed people as an outsider. But there is a sense in which no one is an outsider. From the lowest to the highest, the most impoverished to the wealthiest there is an ethic that applies to all.

That one does not make a god of anything or anyone upon the earth. That one embraces the strength and flexibility that is the heart of tolerance, respecting all human beings. That one affirms helpfulness both as enablement and education. That one embraces democracy not only as a constitutional basis for governance but also as a charter of universal human rights accorded to every living being.


Donald Trump should be recalled by the American people on ethical grounds. A person who chooses values that do harm and cause hurt is essentially caving into evil impulses. We all do this. Culpability and fallibility are the lots of us all. But there is a spectrum of behavior and in almost every instance that I shall examine, Donald Trump has breached the bounds of an acceptable universal ethic.

Idolatry of nation

The president by harping on America first has been a cheerleader for a form of nationalism which is idolatrous. We have many virtues to celebrate as Americans. But among them is modesty about our claims as a people. The president had fits of intolerance almost daily. He has taken positions that frustrate education and enablement -- the essence of help.

Just today he is in the cross-hairs of human rights groups because he has openly embraced a visit from one of the world's most notorious leaders, Roderigo Duterte of the Philippines. I observed this prior to the New York Times account noted in the tweet below

Killing is evil

A universal ethic regards the conscious taking of life as the ultimate human evil and opposes all violence.

It rejects killing as a means of achieving justice. Trump's public embrace of this Duterte is an unacceptable provocation. It harms people who fear Trump's proclivities in this country. It harms our standing in the world. It is a violation of a universal ethic that should inform the American People and the people of the world.

I shall lay out the case for recalling Donald Trump as future articles appear,