Kim Jong and Donald make an odd couple. A closer look will show that they are almost akin to each other except for the age difference. Donald is an unconventional man who thinks of out of box solutions. He is also an admirer of strong men. He admired Vladimir Putin and Saddam Hussein. In the same vein, he has almost empathized with the Korean dictator. In an interview with Reuters, Donald said" He is 27 years old, his father dies, took over a regime. So say what you want, but that is not easy especially at that age."

Donald went on to add that he was not empathizing with the dictator but just stating obvious facts.

These comments show that Donald is a thinking president. He further added, "I am not giving him credit or not giving him credit; I'm just saying that's a very hard thing to do".

Present situation

The situation on the Korean peninsula is tense. Donald has said that war could break out anytime. He is trying all the leverage under his command to bring the North to the negotiating table. One remembers that earlier down the election trail he had said that he had no hassles about meeting Kim.

Donald has realized that Kim is a young man. He is just 33 and came to power when he was just 27. Obviously, he is a brash man. Donald has done well to recognize the problem. Thus we have seen Rex Tillerson for the first time offer direct talks with the North.

Obama was never as open as Trump and he himself had never expressed a desire to meet Kim.

Nuclear program of North

The North was to conduct the 6th nuclear test. Most likely they will delay it till the war clouds pass. In any case, there is no way the U SA can roll back the nuclear and missile program of the north.Probably the USA will have to learn to live with it.

The best bet is to engage with Kim and bring him into the mainstream of the world. There is a change as signaled by Tillerson, who said that he did not consider Kim as insane.

Kim Jong

Kim Jong is young and will mature with time in case he is not killed or assassinated. The north is a closed society and it is imperative to open it.

Earlier Donald had once commented that he would not mind meeting Kim. Perhaps that's the way forward.

One gets the feeling that Donald is trying his best to avert a war. In case war does break out, It could be catastrophic with a million deaths. The fact that Donald has understood the psyche of the young Kim is a feather in the cap of Donald. Hopefully, he will carry on from there.If Donald succeeds he would be considered a worthy president.