The liberals are so focused on impeaching Trump that they can't see the obvious answer right in front of them. The way to defeat Trump is not impeachment; it is 2018 --we have to get the 217 House of Representatives Republicans who voted for Trumpcare OUT. Also, there are ten Republican Senate seats open in 2018. As easy as it sounds, the Democrat party is divided, and it may be difficult for them to come together.

The fight is real

The problem is that the Democrats aren't sure where they stand on many core issues. They fight amongst each other and cannot come together as a party.

It has created chaos.

While the Democrats are fighting amongst each other, the Republicans are unified. Even if they disagree with each other, you would never know because they stick together. According to The Hill, it is something that the liberals struggle with but needs to implement soon, or in the next few years, the Democratic Party could be dead.

Here's what liberals need to do moving forward. Yes, they can disagree with each other. Yes, they can differ their beliefs. However, when it comes to voting, they need to STICK together and work unified to defeat the Republican agenda.

The lesser of two evils

If you spent any time online during the 2016 presidential election, you probably heard that Donald Trump was the "lesser of two evils." The reason we have Trump is because of this jaded mentality.

Instead of sticking with the Democrats to defeat not only Trump but the whole Republican agenda, you flipped to the other side.

You GAVE them the power. Trump is not the Republicans fault. No sir, his presidency is on those who flipped. It was those people who touted, "Bernie or bust." It is those who said that if it were down to Hillary and Donald, Trump would do less damage.

Here we are at day 110 (?), and the POTUS has tried to silence the media, proposed only have one news channel (Fox News), repealed ObamaCare with something horrific, and planned to defund Planned Parenthood.

Let's be clear, the health care bill he wants to pass is nothing but an assault on women. The list of pre-existing conditions is long and everyone I have talked to have at least one of them if not three to four.

You should have listened

Sen. Bernie Sanders warned the country nine months ago after his painful loss in the primaries. He said if we the Democrats do not come together, we will lose much more than the election --we will lose our freedoms and healthcare.

He was completely right, Even though he was urging his supporters to vote for Hillary Clinton, they decided to vote for Trump. They agreed that her email scandal was enough of a reason to not vote for her. They drank the Kool-Aide and believed that she was "crook."

Nevermind the fact that during the election, Trump was under investigation for fraud.

Nevermind the fact that during the election. Trump's name came up in a rape lawsuit alleging he helped his billionaire BFF, Jeffrey Epstein rape a 13-year-old girl decades earlier.

Yet, the Republicans tell the Democrats to "get over it." They don't understand that we cannot get over this because their agenda is to strip our rights away from us. We cannot get over having our health care away from us.

Now that Trump is in the White House and impeachment is not likely, it's time to look to the future.

We must take back those ten Republican Senate seats. We must take back the House seats.

That is the way we can defeat Trump. Get rid of his support. Get rid of those who don't read the bills and blindly pass it as a favor to the president. Vote in politicians that will actually work for America. It may seem like an easy thing to do, but with the disorder among the liberals, it will be near impossible!