Talk show host, Montel Williams blasted Trumpcare by saying that half of America has pre-existing conditions. He added that speaking as a US Marine vet and a person with Multiple Sclerosis he is "deeply concerned" about the future of healthcare in America.

Montel has concerns about discrimination

According to Raw Story, insurance companies admit that up to 22 percent of Americans have a pre-existing condition. The former talk show host disagrees with their findings stating that over 56 percent of adults in America have at least one chronic condition and at least 8- percent of them have two illnesses.

CNN asked Williams if he thought it was fair to Americans to allow the insurance companies to decided what is a pre-existing condition and whether they will deny coverage for people who need medications.

Montel explained that he is one of the lucky people, along with two percent of America that can afford health insurance that meets his needs, but most people cannot afford coverage. He pointed out for those people with Multiple Sclerosis (MS), the medications are $2,000 per month.

He admitted that the health care bill is ridiculous and after reading it, he isn't sure how the bill will lower cost for the consumer. And, what's worse is that the bill will strip life-saving procedures away from America and the end result will be more people dying.

Williams explained that his biggest fear about the bill is it gives insurance companies the right to refuse coverage and to charge sky-high premiums on conditions.

He believes this will lead to more people being uninsured and higher cost for the country in the long run.

That is if people can afford coverage

One of the biggest issues people have with the health care bill is that it seems like the cost for it will be outrageous and most of America will not be able to afford coverage.

On average, as much as 65 percent of the country suffers from two "pre-existing conditions" which could add up to $20,000 more to your insurance premium per person.

Assume that you have a family of four. The odds are two of you will have multiple pre-existing conditions which would add $40,000 to your insurance premium. That is more money than the average family makes per year.

It is easy to see why many people have a problem with this insurance model. The average everyday American will not be able to afford insurance. They will have to pay for their medical cost out of pocket. It will lead to more debt, possibly refusal to seek medical attention, and their conditions getting worse.

This isn't a plan for the people.

This program was created to stack the cards in the insurance companies favor ---the exact opposite of Obama's plan.

The solution

The solution isn't a difficult one, but it is something that the Republicans aren't willing to do. They have to think about the health care bills from a middle-class Americans point of view and then develop a plan around them!

For example, the typical American family brings in an average $38,000. They have two - three children. They have a mortgage, credit card debt, and often pay for private schools. They have little to no money saved for medical cost.They can afford maybe $300 for health insurance a month. Anything over that isn't feasible for them.

This family I just described wouldn't be able to afford $40,000 in insurance premiums.

They don't even bring that in each year. However, they need (and deserve) access to medical care.

The bottom line is the bill was created for the wealthy and to benefit the wealthy. It wasn't designed to provide America with health care.

If you aren't upset about this insulting bill, America hopes you never need to see a doctor. If you do, and if Trumpcare goes through, you may not be covered!