#republicans seem determined to make Americans pay through the nose for their healthcare coverage. Unlike countries such as the UK, Australia and Canada, Americans must shell out extraordinary amounts for what are seen as necessary and basic services in other countries.

The cost of birth is an interesting issue to compare the differing costs. In the US having a vaginal birth with no complications can cost around $15,000 – 20,000. In Australia it can costs up to $8000 in a private hospital or will be mostly free in a public. In the US, having a #medical visit for a basic health issue such as an ear infection could cost up to $350 for a basic provider.

In Australia it costs around $75.

Why do Republicans obstinately believe in privatizing healthcare that people must pay for their medical issues? Their dislike stems from economic, ideological and historical reasons which give the Party of No a harsh attitude. Ideologically, the basic tenant of Obamacare—that those people who can afford it buy higher premiums to offets the cost of giving the poorer people care through the government – is a big-government restribution model that the Republicans despise.

#Republicans also view the push for universal insurance as one way in which government can get in the way of the doctor-patient bond – which is ridiculous. There wont even be a bond if the wealthy don’t help pay for the poor.

Under the failed American Care Act, millions would have been left uninsured if it had passed through the Senate. Which goes to show that Republicans don't care if a percentage of the population go without basic medical care.