Longtime daytime drama actress Jane Elliot said goodbye to Port Charles and "General Hospital" today. Unfortunately, about 10 minutes into her last episode, ABC decided to preempt the show for an announcement regarding Obamacare. George Stephanopoulos gave an update regarding the repeal of the the Affordable Care Act. This was not earth-shattering news. It could have waited until the evening. Disappointed fans can watch the show in its entirety online, depending on their Internet provider.

The final goodbye to the Quartermaine family

There has been much buzz regarding Ms.

Elliot's final day as Diva Quartermaine. Spoiler alerts and rumors have all been wrong to date. Tracy's final scenes were emotional and no doubt brought tears to many. She told her sons, extended family, and her sister-in-law Monica how much she loved them all, and then it was time to eat. The Quartermaines have a long-standing tradition of ruining Thanksgiving dinner and having to eat pizza. Today, Tracy ordered pizza for her family. She announced that she was selling the 20 million dollar painting her father left her, and taking off to parts unknown.

Lucas Lorenzo Spencer

The biggest buzz surrounding Jane Elliot's exit was the rumored return of Anthony Geary, who portrayed her husband, Luke.

For months there were elaborate scenario's going around the Internet. The most detailed one, was that Tracy and Laura Spencer would run into Geary's character Luke Spencer while in Turkey. When that did not happen, spoiler alerts insisted that Geary had been seen on the set of Jane's final taping. No one would confirm whether he was actually filming, or simply on hand to say goodbye to his "Spanky buns."

Now "General Hospital" viewers finally have an answer.

Tracy left Port Charles, went to Paris, and sold her painting. Upon hearing that the money was wired into her account, she asked where she could get a strong cup of coffee. The man who brokered the sale told her that such a place was around the corner. At that point, most fans probably figured out what was going to happen next.

Tracy opened the door of a cafe, and the audience could see the top of one patron's head. The hair was snow white gray, just like Luke. Tracy took a few steps forward to find Lucas Lorenzo Spencer smiling at her. And that is where the story of Tracy Angelica Quartermaine ends -- unless the story continues tomorrow.