The New York Times does not like Donald trump. Fine, the Donald can take that. The playing field is even. They smack me, I smack them back. I get headlines, they get readers. America is getting great again. But wait. What's that? A tilt? The damned playing field is tilting. Where's my new I phone? I'm about to fall out of bed.


Someone wrote they were feeling a bit of pity for the president. Well, they might. Today in the New York Times a woman named Michelle Goldberg has had the temerity to pen a column with the title "Free Advice to Trump Aides: Quit While You Can." Even in the most dismal days of the dismal regimes of the last three presidents, all victims of neoliberalism and GOP penuriousness.

you never encountered a bald headline like that in today's Gray Lady.

What's the hurry?

Washington is supposed to move at a snail's pace. Why is it a matter of speed to quit a White House job? It's a serious question. All journalists cultivate a capacity to spin words into fluff and have it pass muster. We all know the drill. With Ms. Goldberg, it takes several paragraphs but then her point comes through and it is being corroborated by others. Association with Trump is not a career-maker. It is much more likely to be a career-breaker.

Keith's building

Corroboration comes from another source -- Keith Olbermann. He says that he lost money when he sold his condo in a Manhattan Trump building with Trump's name emblazoned on it.

Now tenants of the same building are considering removing the Trump name. They are selling at a loss. They figure with the name gone, life will get better. The President's Trump stock is in decline. When we hear Tom Petty sing, we will know the game is up.

Rewards are promised

Like the Pied Piper, Ms. Goldberg does not just argue that Trump is discredited by those who prop him up.

She suggests that if they leave ASAP there is a fountain of movie and book deals and speaking options just waiting for their appearance. They will be heroes who saw the light. The destruction of Trump is proceeding apace.

Dean speaks

John Dean, who turned the tables on Nixon, seems to be the survivor these days. “Anybody who is there now, if they’re anywhere close to the problems, they’re probably going to need an attorney, and it’s going to get expensive,” Mr.

Dean surmises. “I think a lot of people are going to get hurt.” Ms, Goldberg cites difficult problems Clinton staffers faced when they were hauled before grand juries and other examining organizations in the aftermath of Bill Clinton's impeachment. Money was available for some expenses but not all. Trump is not known for helping those who give any sign of disloyalty.

That trip

It may not require much of an argument to stimulate a herd mentality in the Trump staff. The president will be traveling if he decides to go through with his foreign trip. But he will be on pins and needles waiting for another ax to fall. And wondering how to survive.