Dave Chappelle takes the high road. Whereas James Woods taunts Anderson Cooper for the way he rolls his eyes when he is interviewing Kellyanne Conway. Woods let his fans and anyone else in the Twitter universe know it. Woods, who makes no apologies for being a stalwart dependable Republican, apparently has embraced Trump's no-holds-barred approach.

Woods provocatively labeled his tweet, "[a]s his butt plug dislodges during a newscast" referring to Anderson's sexual orientation. Maybe he has been hanging out with Trump. In any case, that tweet was not only beneath the dignity of the office of the President; it was a despicable low-blow.

A sucker-punch that is beneath the nobility of an Academy Award-nominated, and an Emmy Winning Actor. Meanwhile, Dave Chappelle is apologizing to everyone who saw his plea on Saturday Night Live, shortly after the Trump's White House win, to "give Trump a chance." Chappelle stated his apology bluntly, he said, "I f**ked up, and I am sorry."

Chappelle speaks to his hometown City Council in Ohio

Shortly before making his comment outside a New York City Club Chappelle showed up to participate in a local small council meeting in Yellow Springs, Ohio. Chappelle spoke to the intimate gathering with warmth, as he honestly asked community members to choose a progressive police chief. Dave Chappelle lives in the small town.

After his talk, he ended his appeal by saying: "In this Trump era, there's an opportunity to show everybody that local politics reigns supreme. We can make our corner of the world outstanding."

Chappelle knows a thing or two about controversy and being the talk of the entertainment universe. His hard won knowledge stems from the time he abruptly walked away from his lucrative comedy sketch show, "Chappelle's Show," on Comedy Central the show aired from 2003-2006.

"Chappelle's Show" was funny, moreover, it was a gut-wrenching work of genius and it was hugely successful. Chappelle's comedy shined a light on the darkest corners of life, while touching on the most sensitive existential aspects of racism, politics, and everything in between.

Dave left the show in 2006 unexpectedly in highly publicized bro-ha-ha citing he had concerns that the show was taken too literally by those who produced "Chappelle's Show." Since then he moved to Yellow Springs Ohio where he is an active and much-respected member of the local community.

Taking the high road

Nevertheless, the good news is that Anderson Cooper has not taken the provocative Twitter bait Woods threw his way. So far, there has been no response from Cooper about Woods' nasty Tweet. In any event, both President Donald Trump and James Woods could learn a thing or two from Comedian Dave Chappelle.

Dave has appeared to take to heart a famous American saying. "When the going gets tough, the tough get going." This quote suggests that when a situation feels too overwhelming, the fierce, healthy soul will work harder to overcome the challenge. Maybe the next time Woods or Trump are engaged in an encounter causing them to feel incensed, remembering this inspirational quote could help them calm down and focus on what we all ought to strive toward. That is, to take the high road.